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Commuter / suburban rail - part II

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Branching off from "Commuter-rail-will-it-ever-materialize" thread as it got too long. The IDD seems to be moving in the direction of surveying for CRS (item 3, pp. 2). It is unknown how much it / govt. can influence SWR. In other words, why spend the resources (money, time) on studies if there are no 2-way MoUs between the state govt. and the Railways? Now only if the prajagalu attending the BMLTA meet can bring it up on priority ...

Some other questions for BMLTA might be:

  • the frequency and agenda of the meetings (seem to be too far apart). Of course, w/o any legal teeth yet, meetings may be moot.
  • the transport commissioner seems to not be a part of the deliberations (deliberately? ;-)). Or, may not have attended this particular meeting.

To admin - if the link or information was posted earlier, please feel free to move it to the comments section of the original link.

Unrelated items:

  • item 8 mentions bus shelters still by BBMP? *puzzled*
  • section 6/7 - there is no mention of Scomi/Geodesic. Why would IDD again prepare the DPR if Geodesic already submitted one? Different alignment?

(if people want to discuss these topics, please copy/paste this info and branch off into the appropriate threads).

Limited information posted on BMLTA's site is very frustrating (but better than no information).


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Plans to hive off suburban operations!?

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As per a business standard report earlier this week, Indian Railays was thinking of hiving off suburban railway operations. I don't think this has happened in this budget, but nevertheless, copying snippets of that report from Sharmistha Mukherjee:

"Suburban operations are highly subsidised. Though lakhs travel on the network, our earnings from these operations are significantly lower than that from non-suburban traffic," ... Data with the railway ministry substantiate this. Though passengers travelling on the suburban network account for 52 per cent of the total, they contribute just 7 per cent to the railways' passenger earnings.

Like Srivathsa Naveen etc have been saying here, Railways may not see business case for building new suburban rail systems. One reason could be the fact that you need a different operating mindset for sub-urban rails compared to running inter city services. Integration with the city and state's plans and systems make or break suburban rail systems.

Here is the business-standard report in question, BS sites seems down right now, check a bit later:


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But then, why think of creating newsuburban system around Delhi?

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As per Dec 2009 reports, there are plans to create a new suburban rail system around Delih


The Union government will be forming a shell company with the state governments of Delhi, Uttar Pradesh, Haryana and Rajasthan to take the National Capital Region to the next stage of inter-city transportation. A memorandum of understanding is expected to be signed shortly, to be followed by registration of the company.

Read further

The shell company will be installing dedicated rail links between Delhi and NCR cities for fast movement, at an estimated cost of Rs 5,000 crore (excluding rolling stock) on the lines of the Mumbai suburban rail system. The project will include laying of dedicated tracks, property development to part-fund the cost and connectivity with other modes of transport.

Here is the more interesting part

Explaining the concept, the secretary said since it was not cost-effective to extend metro systems to cities that are far from Delhi, dedicated railway lines would be laid parallel to the existing rail links which currently serve both the long-distance and inter-city trains. The railway tracks will be dedicated and the Railways will decide whether the existing DMUs and EMUs that run between Delhi and these cities will operate on the existing tracks or the new ones.

So then, why can't this apply to Bangalore as well? In slightly different way though. Keep your long distance trains to the edge stations, and use the tracks inside for local trains. Beyond the edge stations, increase capacity to run local trains alongside long distance trains till places like Tumkur, Kolar, Kengeri, Chandapura etc. That is Bangalore 2020 for you. Spread the city around on the back of combination of Commuter Rail and Metro.

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More study for CRS

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Section 8 Development of new Bus Shelters :
The construction of balance bus shelters (654 in nos.) proposed by BMTC and not taken up by BBMP, to be decided by PS, UDD.
If agreed, the development of bus Shelters would be taken up by BMTC on all the places suggested by them.

Thus bus shelters will be developed by BMTC (not BBMP).


IDD to undertake Feasibility Study for taking up Commuter Rails Service
connecting all peripheral metro stations within 60 days.

Why is it necessary for IDD to do a "feasibility study" (within sixty days) when CTTP has already done all the study that is necessary & has recommended a CRS network ?


6/7: Development of Monorail project for Bangalore under ‘Swiss Challenge’ as proposed by M/s. Scomi Geodesic

CTTP for Bangalore had proposed 60 Kms alignment of Monorail, out of that 29 Kms is being considered for Metro Phase II. IDD to prepare DPR for remaining 31 kms.
Authority accorded approval for preparing Feasibility Study for development of Monorail from Majestic to Agaram (14.2 Kms), on the basis of the recommendation of the Sub-Committee on Monorail. Principal Secretary, IDD will speedup the progress in this regard.

On the one hand the title quotes Scomi & then they quote CTTP & DPR required for remaining route & then again talk of one of the routes proposed by Scomi.


These meeting briefs appear meaningless. Wonder where they are headed !

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Feasibility study for CRS - what exactly is it?

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Is it financial viability? Business case? Availability of Land for projects? Population patterns? What exactly is this feasibility study, and what is the significance of 60 day period.

We need to meet Mr V Madhu.

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Yediurappa will raise issue of Local Trains with MoS & Mamatha

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Mr Madhu is interested in CRS.

Article in DNA  & views of Yediurappa  :

As for the suburban local trains for Bangalore, the chief minister has not lost hopes. “I will take up the issue with Mamata. I will try my best to see that the assurance given by KH Muniyappa on local trains is accommodated as a supplementary proposal in the budget,” he said

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Quadrapuling of bangalore city- whitefield??

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A detailed document on the railways in karnataka posted on the IDD's site.

This document also provides a comparison of the rail infrastructure w.r.t neighbouring states.  All our neighbouring staes have higher rail densities. 

The document mentions at many instances about  a commuter rail for bangalore and also money has been allocated and spent on the same, to tune of nearly 20 cr.   The quadrapuling project(bangalore city-whitefield) was approved in 1997 according to the railways VISION2020 docuement and has not seen any movement till date.  And also the  quadrpuling project from bangalore city to Whitefield has no land acquisition issues according the report.   This project has been frozen by the railway board, with no reasons assigned.  It just says the budget 2010-2011 should defreez it to take it forward.    It would very useful to know the reasons for not implementing this project even after 13 years.  Why is the railway board reluctant to make any movement on this?  Does the railway board come under the ambit RTI?  Can we question them on the reason for freezing this project?



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Delhi's Need for a CRS/Sub-urban Rail

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This is full of rants, Delhiites - no offence please

They need CRS/Sub urban rail because the Neta's & Bureaucrats do not want the common man to gel with them in Lutyens' Delhi. This elite class includes judiciary too. See the links,, the hazardous industries were forced to move out Delhi, mainly to Ghaziabad. Delhi's refuse is good for poor UP. It looks like a systematic cleaning process.

Now see,, the plans for the National Capital Region to decongest elite Delhi by keeping the poor peasants at a distance. You stay in ghettos, commute and work for us, don't stay in Delhi.

The area under it is huge around 9000 sqare kilometers, for a comparison that is almost 10-15 times that of greater Bangalore area or nearly 1/4th of the whole of Kerala state. While I appreciate the plan, on the same line they should have done this for other cities like Mumbai & Kolkata long ago. They are still larger than the elite Delhi and faces the issues of exponential growth for ages. Even now this kind of planning is only for Delhi, and best part is they are able to co-ordinate 5 different states for a purpose while other mega city planning could have been done within just the home state.

This centralized planning and planning commission is a farce at this century, that too with elite frogs as its members who can not see beyond the well - Delhi. Even a ROB, forget about a Metro or Commuter Railway - requires planning & several layers of approval from Delhi. Do not know where to start with 2nd round of reforms in liberalization - both economic & governance

<End of Rant>


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The 52% and 7% data - looking at it differently

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 How many kilometres of commuter tracks are there today?  Bombay has probably 200 km (fast train tracks are shared with long distance), Madras might have 60-70km, Calcutta another 60-70 km.  Let's say all India about 500km of commuter rail tracks.

This is less than 1% of the 70,000 route-km of tracks of IR.  So 1% of your most expensive investment is carrying 50% of your passengers and giving you 7% of your earnings.  Why would you not replicate this in more cities? (There is a very good chance that allocation of indirect costs will be by passengers and not using ABC and suburban trains might be loaded with more than their fair share of indirect costs).  The 50% should be seen as an enormous efficiency rather than a drain.

Second - where is it etched in stone that suburban fares need to be absurdly low?  WR and CR keep Bombay moving.  I can get from Andheri to Churchgate in 40 minutes in a slow train or 25 minutes in a fast train.  There is value in paying even Rs.10 or 15 vs the Rs 6 or 7 that is charged today for the 19km ride.  Those rakes are beyond even depreciation.

Third - if the IR claims to have social objectives a commuter train service serves an excellent social objective.  It allows access to mobility to the middle and lower middle class at affordable rates.  

If a consumer goods company saw the same data, they would see commuter rail as a huge profit sweetener vs. seeing it as a bleeder.  



Drive safe.  It is not just the car maker which can recall its product.

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CRS - Misconceptions

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1% of your most expensive investment is carrying 50% of your passengers and giving you 7% of your earnings

I think this deduction is misleading - a lion's share of this revenue split is earned in Mumbai, with about 7 million daily (weekday) commuters. Commuter rail systems in Chennai & Delhi are deep in the red & carry commuters numbering only in the tens of thousands - Kolkata caters only to a few lakhs. Hyderabad is said to be losing 1 crore a week inspite of it's 100,000 daily (weekday) commuters.

Why would you not replicate this in more cities ?

Unlike Mumbai, Delhi & Kolkata (where tracks had been planned /laid out before independence), commuter rail services that were started later (Chennai, Hyderabad) involved huge investments & have also been bleeding railways. Perhaps this is why they are not interested. Expansion & increasing the number of trackways might also involve land acquisitions which might be hugely expensive, time-consuming & cumbersome.

There is value in paying even Rs.10 or 15 vs the Rs 6 or 7 that is charged today for the 19km ride

Sure, but the millions of users from economically weaker sections in Mumbai will find it very hard to accept such steep hikes.

If a consumer goods company saw the same data, they would see commuter rail as a huge profit sweetener vs. seeing it as a bleeder

Provided fares are set high enough & allows some margins after debt servicing.

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Suburban rail - The bias is clear

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Question:  Why think of creating new suburban system around Delhi ?

Some explanations narrated above :

They need CRS/Sub urban rail because the Neta's & Bureaucrats do not want the common man to gel with them in Lutyens' Delhi. This elite class includes judiciary too.

The plans for the National Capital Region to decongest elite Delhi by keeping the poor peasants at a distance. You stay in ghettos, commute and work for us, don't stay in Delhi.

This centralized planning and planning commission is a farce at this century, that too with elite frogs as its members who can not see beyond the well - Delhi. Even a ROB, forget about a Metro or Commuter Railway - requires planning & several layers of approval from Delhi.


These comments, whilst sounding exaggerated, seem to have many truths - Excerpt from DMRC webpage here (last para) :

The Government of India and the Government of National Capital Territory of Delhi, in equal partnership have set up a company named Delhi Metro Rail Corporation Ltd. under the Companies Act,1956

Also, on the same webpage :

Delhi has an unassailable advantage in its excellent railway network comprising two rings and six spurs totaling about 120 KM within the urban area. Unfortunately, these Rail assets are not presently fully being utilized as its share of commuter traffic is only a mere 2%.


1) Why is it that Delhi's Metro is being handed 50% from central govt for all phases whilst other metros in the country are being given only 33% ?

2) Why is it that Delhi, despite having a rail network comprising two rings & six spurs (120km) is now being offered an even more extensive commuter rail network connecting an extremely large area ? How financially feasible is this new suburban rail network project, considering that it's urban rail shares only 2% of commuters ?

3) Why was the existing rail network not considered to be upgraded for Delhi Metro's use to result in savings in Metro's building costs ?

4) When Bangalore never had any sort of rail transit & had been appealing for this from a long time, why was it that the central govt had ignored the state's plea for participation in the Elevated Light Rail project (ELRTS) when disagreements arose with the UB group, whilst pushing through the Delhi Metro project around the same time ?


However, I do not agree with this :

On the same line they should have done this for other cities like Mumbai & Kolkata long ago.

Mumbai & Kolkata have had extensive suburban rail networks from a long time.

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Clarification on Mumbai & Kolkata having extensive rail networks

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However, I do not agree with this :

On the same line they should have done this for other cities like Mumbai & Kolkata long ago.

Mumbai & Kolkata have had extensive suburban rail networks from a long time.

To make the point clear, it was not just about suburban systems. It was about the larger plan to decongest the mega city, that is what the holistic NCR planning is all about and the extended CRS covering an area of 9000 Square Kilometers is just one part of it. Where is such a plan for cities like Mumbai & Kolkata which are already bigger than Delhi?

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Suburban railway

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Copy / pasting Sanjeev's entry on another thread:
Also I spoke to Mr Ramesh Jt Secretary of IDD last week on CRS. His response was very cold & he put the issue to SWR saying  they have written letter in Jan'2009 & agreed to deposit amount of Rs 4.95 Crore per Rake to start Suburrban Trains. When asked him spcifically  for how many Rakes you are going to Depost the amount, he was cluless.

Last week I tried to speak to Mr S K Gupta, SWR GM's secretary at Hubli on the status of the CRS approval, he does not care for this. Also couple of  emails sent last month, their is no response from DRM/ SWR  Blore, GM/ SWR Hubli.

Then spoke to Sr Div Operational Manager office at B'lore on this,  it seems matter is under discussion & nothing has been finalised.
It seems that the railways need a sweeter pot - can a guaranteed / frequent bus feeder to the trains act as a galvanizer? How about increasing State's share (and risk)?
Regarding railways bleeding on suburban services: It most likely is because of the subsidy established for socialistic ideals or political gains - too late to rectify in one go. If people are willing to pay the unsubsidised cost for a metro service, they surely will pay for a reliable suburban service.
Regarding low rail density in K'taka: Unfortunately, the opposite party to the center has been in power at state for a quite a few years. When the same parties existed for short periods, they were interested in other issues ...
The point is: Commuter and/or suburban use up far less land than multiple-lane ring roads (ORR/PRR et al.), are much more reliable, punctual, have larger volume capacity per unit width and are hence a sustainable mode of PT. What is definitely needed before spending is planning routes (based on local studies), planning feeder / frequency / seamless travel. This is usually the weakest link that led to the mess today in most cities. No point in running a road parallel to a train and competing than complementing (witness spitefully? 4-laning B'luru Mysuru SH after NICE started building).

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Some ray of Hope for Commuter Rail & Suburban Trains

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It’s official. Starting March 2010, the city’s air travellers will get some reprieve from the long journey to the airport.

KH Muniyappa, union minister of state for railways, announced that the South Western Railway’s train services from the city to Devanahalli will commence in March 2010 as per schedule.

He said on Saturday that train services to Anekal would also start
by March. “We have requested the Karnataka government to provide a track link to BIA from Devanahalli station but the state government has not yet taken a decision,” he said.

With Train to Nelamanagala announced in the Budget & sanction for upgradtion of stations Devanahalli, Chikballapur, Yelahanka, Dodballapur, Gauribidanur, YesavanthpurAlso Chikballapur to Kolar Guage conversion is going to complet  in next 12-14 months, this will help in starting the Circular Railway Kolar-Chikaballapur- Bangalore


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Bangalore to Devanahalli Train

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Hope the connectivity from Devanahalli station to BIAL is put in place now itself, Don't even know if there is a proper road from the Devanahalli Railway Station to BIAL. Let the CM and Muniyappa bury their political egos and extend the rail line till BIAL for which the railways are ready.  Operating Vajra's from the Devanahalli Station to BIAL will be a good start to the success of the train service.


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SBC-Devanahalli Train

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This train is welcome no doubt, for people from north bangalore & those that regularly travel to /from there. However, expecting air travellers to jump aboard is wishful thinking & just imagination without focus on realities.

First of all, what about the 7-odd kms from Dodjala station to airport ? And what about connection to SBC itself for air passengers from various parts of the city ? Will passengers (with luggage) transfer twice to reach an airport ?

If some of the buses between trumpet interchange to airport commence operation from Dodjala station, it might help airport & cargo complex workers, but expecting air travellers to use this train is merely wishful thinking.

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Right, not for air passengers

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Naveen said it all, so I wont repeat any of that.

What I will add is this. Piecemeal experiments like this with misplaced expectations is what kills the Commuter Rail Idea. Put just two trains on one line, with no planned connectivity with Buses at stations, and then, 4 months later, put out a press releases saying "SWR s losing x lakhs per month on these commuter trains". Done, public money wasted, and CRS idea sabotaged, two birds with one stroke.

I am almost sure that SWR is not running these with air passengers in mind, this shuttle service is more for Devanahalli area residents, and for employees/workers at BIAL. But that won't keep Bangalore Mirrors and Mid Days of the world to come up with "SWR bleeding on Commuter Rail" type stories 6 months from now.

Regardless, a start is a start. Key is - who do we go talk to to extend the concept, and sell the idea of investments for track upgrades or edge stations?

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Devanahalli not Doddjala

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what about the 7-odd kms from Dodjala station to airport ?

Its more than 7, I presume they are talking devanahalli station, not dodjala. This is called monkey off my back efforts. Who is garunteeing connections to airport like you pointed out in sync with arriving trains? No coordination, each one does his own. Just a shout to the media that something is coming hoping the other party will scramble resources. Where is the coordination comittee for this, anybody know? Anyway, knowing IR/SWR I can safely assume GoK will wait till the deed is done. I am skeptical on schedule and if the current railway rolling stock will be airport commuter friendly.

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Local Trains for every one

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Do  we have any thing off the shelf  solutions other then Local Trains. Now its going to be two years this May, since Airport is opened   Even any new mode of transport construction  starts exclusively for air passengers,  this  will take minimum 5-6  years if even the work starts honestly.

Two satelite towns Devanahhali, Yelahanka exists  more then 10-15 years. What public transport do we have for these satelite towns other then BMTC for  regular commuters. 

Also Devanahalli Business Park is going to come up between BIAL & Devanahalli parallel to NH-7. This is expected to employee 100000. Also many small  townships,  IT parks, Aerospcae industries are coming up  &  already many educational institutions exists on NH-7.  So these Local Trains on Bangalore will provide reliable, fast,  low cost public transport as done in all Metro cities in India. 

As mentioned by Silkboard, these shuttel service by SWR  is for Devanahalli, Yelahanka, Chikballapur  residents, for employees/workers at BIAL,  students learning in many educational colleges arround NH-7 &  Finally for the air passengers who wants to cut down their travel cost & travell time.   

These shuttel services will be of  Push-Pull type as already exists  for Chikballapur & Kolar.  They are running full all the days, this itself shows their is huge demand for the shuttel services of Train. Even on Tumakur side from Yesvanthpur, all passanger trains are running full, so these Shuttel services will be fo great help to take of the load from the congested roads.

Lets hope that this month MOS Mr K H Muniyappa keeps is promises of starting the shuttel services 

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Devanahalli train

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Yr post emphasizes the need for CRS for various groups of commuters. I am not contesting this need - CRS trains are a necessity & are more than welcome, no doubt.

I am questioning the media & the minister for creating a hype about SWR trains to Devanahalli & claiming that it will help air travellers reach the airport. Most air passengers will have luggage & will not use the service.

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Local Trains for every one

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We should not  worry  on the media & the minister for creating a hype about SWR trains to Devanahalli & claiming that it will help air travellers reach the airport.  Infact this will give more awarness to public that such facilty is coming up. As we allare verymuch comfortable on BMTC Valvo A/C services.   

As the dicussion on CRS by state & Center is going on for more then 10 years &  RITES has done study twice  for this & we are seeing no action till this day.  Its better  this shuttel services have some where to start with all types of hurdel  & after that BMTC will do the feeder services as the services pickup.

As their are 34 stations exists arround B'lore,  once the shuttel services starts,  most of the stations will be devloped by railways as the traffic volume will be more at the suburban stations.  I have seen the  conditions of stations from Yesvanthpur to Tumakur before doubling & now  most of the stations have been developed for the Suburban Trains.  Similaly we will see over the next few months development of the stations  suitable for Suburban services.  Also  6 stations  Yesvanthpur, Yelahanak, Devanahalli, Chikaballpur, Dodballapur & Kolar will get developed due to the budget sanction & presence of  MoS K H Muniyappa. 

Lets look for the start & build more pressure on State & Center _ Railways to start full fledge services of CRS

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Re: BMLTA follow up

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(In response to <a href="">this comment</a> for which I was unable to post there, but related to this thread as well.)


Good work, Sanjeev! The inconsistencies between the statements of the ministers and those of the bureaucrats indicate a clear gap in communication between the politicians and the administrators. How do we sort this out?



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BJP Vs Congress for the BBMP elections

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During inauguration of the Cox Town-Wheeler Road flyover on Tuesday, CM Yeddyurappa, MoS K H Muniyappa & MP H N Ananth Kumar all three are trying for the Local Trains for Banaglore.

CM is going to write a letter to Railway Minister on 50% cost sharing basis, this Local Train services to be taken up. Even he is going to mak some provision of 500 Crore in the coming up State Budget. Even CM is feeling that this Local Train services should have been started 15-20 years back for Banaglore.

This is really good move, lets Bangalore get the full benefit due to fight between Congress & BJP for BBMp elections

Here is how CM, MoS & MP all are trying to push the Local Train issue due to up coming BBMP elections. The sequence of events in the function tells the fact.

Lets all of us take this advantage & push for the CRS for Banaglore & make big noise where vere possible & make public more aware of this.

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Make noise, lot of noise

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Just raise the profile of this issue, make everyone aware of the possibilities, and things will happen. Indirect influence works in this wired and connected world, more and more talk of Commuter Rail outside of Praja website is a proof.

I don't mind sitting with either BJP or Congress to help detail the CRS plans that could be added in their manifesto. Why not?

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State ready to bear cost of DEMUs

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The State Government has agreed to bear the cost of the DEMUs (diesel-electric multiple units) required for running local train services between Bangalore and Devanahalli and between Yeshwanthpur and Anekal Road.


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Bangalore Industry Chamber also wants CRS

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"There is a significant business and commuter traffic between these cities. They are forced to use rail surface transport options. This initiative will certainly de-congest Bangalore, especially in terms of housing and other infrastructure bottlenecks,” the Bangalore Chamber of Industry and Commerce (BCIC) said."

More here


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State to bear half of local train project cost/ Meeting Mamatha

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Chief Minister Yeddyurappa taking personnal interest on Local Trains for Bangalore city, he has sent a letter to  Railway Minister Mamtha, State was willing to invest Rs 500 crore for this project.  This was announced during the  Inaugurating projects in connection with the Cauvery Water Supply IV Stage II Phase at Banashankari, on Thursday.

Yeddyurappa to meet Mamata on local train services

Chief Minister B.S. Yeddyurappa on Thursday said that the Government has an ambitious plan to commence local train services in Bangalore and towards this end the State will remit the cost of purchasing diesel-electric multiple units to the Railways   Replying to the two-day debate on the Governor's address to the joint session of the State Legislature

Now in Karnataka Budget which will presented today,  We hope Chief Minister  should allocate sufficien funds for this Project.

Now its for Railway Minister Mamatha & MoS K H Muniyappa  to speed up the process &  get the sanction from the Center so that  Bangalore gets third mode of Public Transport. Railway need to improve the suburban stations at the earliest and work should be stared for the station which have been sanctioned in the Railway budget  :  Yelahanaka, Devanahalli, Chikballapur, Dodballapur, Yesvanthpur,  world class stations at Byappanahhali &  Bangalore city.Also Chikballapur to Kolar Guage conversion is going to complet  in next 12-14 months, this will help in extending the Circular Railway to Kolar-Chikaballapur- Bangalore

State & Center  should impliment this Local Train services with improved planning.  They should  take all the good things of Mumbai Local Train system like having  seperate Local Train terminal at Suburbs : Bidadi, Whitefiled,  Dodballapur,  Nelamangala, Devanahalli, Yelahanka, Kolar  & Anekal.  More ticketing counter at all major stations.

With NAMMA METRO, CRS  hoping to be operational  by Jan'2011 with BMTC, these three should be integrated &  single  ticket / single monthly pass thinkg should be started.   

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Yeddyurappa provides 50% to share for Local Train for B'lore

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Chief Minister Yeddyurappa presented State Budget today. In that he has mentioned about the Local Trains for Bangalore.  Under page 45 /  serial number 190 gives the following :

190. The State Government is prepared to provide 50per cent of the required capital to start local trains inBangalore City. The Central Government will be requestedto give approval to this scheme expeditiously.

Now it looks Karnataka State CM is very much interested.  Its now for the Center / MoS K H Muniyappa / Railway Minister Mamatha with State IDD & SWR to make this happen.

As Bangalore city has got  Budget allocation of Rs 18,872 Crore for Infrastructure development in this state budget.  Now its for the IDD, BMLTA, SWR to take this Local Trains forward.

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Local train service gets a push

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Chief Minister has given push to Local Train services for Bangalore. Now SWR should not have any problem in starting the services. 

On the move to fund half the cost (Rs 500 crore) of the proposed local train services from Bangalore to other parts, the DRM said, “As the State government has come forward to provide its share for the proposed local train services, a Special Purpose Vehicle to introduce these services on Private Public Partnership model would be set up shortly.”
On the planned routes, another official said that the routes between Bangalore and Doddaballapur, Bangalore and Anekal and Bangalore and Kengeri are being looked into.

Lets put the required improvements for the local trains.  We should meet SWR & IDd on this.

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Local train service

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Hope the Railway minister gives the go ahead at the earliest. At present it looks like the green signal will not come atleast untill the BBMP elections.

According to Divisional Railway Manager, Akhil Agrawal, "A Special Purpose Vehicle to introduce the local services on Private Public Partnership model would be set up shortly.” and the planned routes, another official said that the routes between Bangalore and Doddaballapur, Bangalore and Anekal and Bangalore and Kengeri.

Even though it is too early to comment on the above statement by DRM with regard to the routes, Railways seem to take the routing decision on their own.. Hope they hear to the citizens.

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Local trains for Bangalore: CM to meet Mamata

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Local trains for Bangalore: CM to meet Mamata


Chief Minister BS Yeddyurappa on Saturday said that he would be going to Delhi on March 9 to meet Union Railway Minister Mamata Banerjee and request her to start local trains in the city.

MoS K H Muniyappa & three MP's from Bangalore should put pressure on Center & Mamtha to get the Approval from Center.  Things are moving for the Local Trains now.

Lets all of us spread this Local Train issue & raise even during BBMP elections & make public more aware of the Transport facility coming.




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No provision for suburban

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No provision for suburban railways in the budget. Sanjeev mentioned it; link and article reproduced.

The much-hyped local trains from Yeshwantpur to Anekal and Bangalore city to Devanahalli may not be introduced within this month as announced by Union Minister of State for Railways KH Muniappa, as the Railways are yet to obtain the necessary technical clearances.
South Western Railways General Manager Kuldeep Chatruvedi said, “These trains were not announced in the budget. Hence, we cannot introduce them without getting the necessary approval from the Railway Board. We are in the process of requesting the Railway Board to sanction these trains and it may take some time to get it.” It may be recalled that Muniyappa had announced, just a few days before the railway budget, that the Railways will introduce these trains by the end of March.Even the state government is very keen on getting these trains introduced at the earliest as they are expected to reduce the travelling time in between the destinations and vehicular traffic in these areas.
The state government had held a series of meetings with Muniyappa on the issue before he announced these trains.The state government had also come forward to bear the cost of both the rakes that would be run on these routes. It has allocated Rs 8 crore for the same in this budget.According to official sources, Chief Minister BS Yeddyurappa could not meet Union Railway Minister Mamata Banerjee on March 9 when he went to Delhi to convince her to sanction these trains, as she was busy with the Women’s Reservation Bill issue. The Chief Minister is planning to go to Delhi again to request the Railway Minister to sanction these trains at the earliest.


Extract from highlights of railway budget (bottom of pp. 6):

New Suburban services
· 101 new suburban services to be introduced in Mumbai area.
· More services to start in Chennai and Kolkata areas. 

So, seems to a election gimmick; ground reality is it will take a awhile (years?) or may never happen. Biggest question: what are the chances of suburban trains getting introduced? Only a meeting between CM and RM (Railways Minister not MoS for Railways) can answer that. comment guidelines

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