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BMTC and monopoly - opening up Local Bus Transport in Bangalore

BMTC has monopoly in operating road based public transport services in Bangalore. No-one is allowed to operate buses to carry general public in Bangalore. Special and closed situations like Private companies shuttling their employees, and schools hauling in their students are the only exceptions to this monopoly.

There are long ongoing debates on whether breaking BMTC's monopoly is a good, or a viable option for improving quality of road based PT in Bangalore. Reform proposals being floated include range from ideas to let in private players via BMTC starting out with private players to run local shuttles or feeder services, to introduction of competition for BMTC on all routes, to suggestions that BMTC withdraw from operating buses itself and lease out route bundles, clusters or zones to private operators.

Many are not convince that local public transport is a profitable enough business to leave to private players. Many see welfare elements in city based public transport service, and argue that broad coverage, quality services for all, and good driver behavior on road may not be possible in the privatized world.

Purpose of this gyan page is to hold together popular and knowledgable discussions on the subject, and document any concrete proposals or developments on the subject in Bangalore or Karnataka.

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