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Tax Sops to encourage use of Public transport (BMTC) ?

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Public Transport

About the above discussion on Poor response BMTC I have following suggestion where in a common man is encouraged to use Public transport by giving Tax sops to him by Governament.

Most of the private companies issue food coupons on the monthly basis to their employees. With these coupons employees are forced to do purhcases in the outlets even though they are not comfortable with it. In the similar lines BMTC/Govt should issue monthly BMTC prepaid vouchers/passes where in the bearer of such voucher/passes is entitled for a ride using this transport. The passes should be compulsarily issued by all by the employers in exchange of travel allowance. And there is a income tax benifit out of it as well, which will make employees to use it.

This will enforce many people who has the habit of going to MG Rd/Commercial st/To Office using their private vehicles, use this facility(public transport).

The govt can also think of converting Rs. 800/- pm given towards transportation allowance to the employees to these BMTC vouchers. I think this is perhaps the the good way to handle laziness of people.

Please put in your views,
Srinivas Rao. M


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I'm for it

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In all the salaries i have recieved so far, we have something called TA - travel Allowance. Part of this can be handed over to BMTC COupons - simlar to the Ticket and Sodexho Passes. Giving the entire amount in Passes is a bit unpractical. As - man stay walkable to work and so forth. Hence say 50% of the amount can be given as BMTC Coupons.

What BMTC I think should do is have a points scheme. Some thing like Air Miles. With smart cards these are possible. The the BMTC's miles/points can be readeamable at TTMCs/BIG BAZAARS....etc.

We need a lot more "private company" kind of thinking going on inside BMTC to get moving!

Narayan Gopalan
User Interaction Designer

Narayan Gopalan
User Interaction Designer
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BMTC miles and more card

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What BMTC I think should do is have a points scheme. Some thing like Air Miles. With smart cards these are possible

Good point. We need to retrofit the buses to accept smartcard based ticketing. Like SMRT in singapore they should be usable in both Trains and Buses interchangably. There are tons of benefits of using card based ticketing apart from the tracking and administration perspective they encourage flexibility in putting promotions on the card. comment guidelines

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