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The Big10 routing concept

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A book to group together posts that uncover Big10 related routing reform initiated at BMTC. Big10 is seen as an attempt to rationalize BMTC's routing scheme. Simply put, the concept consists of radial routes connecting peripheral areas with central business district, and the rings or local shuttles could provide angular or last mile connectivity. Concept may grow to be a success, or may not live on, regardless, good to keep a record of all Big10 talk here.


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no problem


All the models, pictures that have posted here for discussion are missing a very vital ingredient for nay design and implementation. All our designs, models will be of no use if we do not take the source of traffic generation in and around B'lore.

This matter can very easily be addressed by increasing/ decreasing the frequency of operations, depending on the demand. The models being discussed are all direction-oriented (as compared to the existing destination-oriented), and that's how they should be. I don't see a problem at all.

Muralidhar Rao
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Movement Pattern - Some thought

 As I have seen, the Government offices are located at the Bangalore Centre and most of the Government officials move towards CBD.

Almost all the IT offices are located towards East of Bangalore starting from Bannerghatta Road - Koramangala - Electronic City - ITPL. Nowadays a bit of tech parks coming towards Hebbal.

Bit of population working in some private companies, branch offices, banks and professionals like doctors, civil contractors, school and college students etc.. their movement pattern is unpredictable.

From morning 6AM to around 11AM lot of west to east bound traffic mainly contributed by the IT folks, evening from 5PM to almost 9PM it is east to west. HAL, NAL buses also to some extent contribute to this.

Traffic towards CBD starts at around 8:30 AM and will remain almost throught the day. Evening after 4PM onwards the opposite traffic increases too.



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sri has spoken about this issue. i agree it is primary. but we need to seriously think about how to estimate this information. - where do people liend and where to they want to go. this is not trivial. we perhaps need a different thread for that.

survey is one method. we could also look at area wise composition of business and residential activities to use as an approximation.

do you have any thoughts?


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Better not to discuss on the book

This is more of a book to hold together related posts. I suggest we do discussion on some new or old relevant post.

One quick thing though - traffic and public transport determine the population and movement patterns. It needn't always be that population patterns determine public investments on transportation. Doing it that way makes you play catch up. Doing it in some structured geometric way makes for pro-active planning.

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I agree with you Syed

 Syd, I agree that the buses were simply put on existing routes. We had 365s continuously running on Bannerghatta Road, add to that we got the Big 10 BG Road, we had 356 running continuously on Hosur road, we got Big 10 Hosur Road. Advantage of the Big 10 is the frequency.

On the other hand, I used to travel between BSK 3rd Stg to Bannerghatta Road and almost everyone take that route passing via BSK 2nd Stage BDA  Complex - Stay Fit Jayanagar Road from Monotype again Sanjay Gandhi Hospital Road. So many vehicles using this route, but no bus takes this route. One has to take Outer Ring Road buses till Jayadeva and Change bus. Buses on ORR are struck continuously in the signals. A normal 20 minute journey on a 2 wheeler on this route will become 1 - 1 1/2 hr journey on the Bus.

CTTP or any traffic surveying agencies should recognize these kind of movement patterns and jot their recommendation to BMTC and BMLTA.

I recently had suggested 3 circle of buses to Mysore on Mysore Praja site, same way here 3-5 major circles of routes, with 1 circle for each quadrant of Bangalore without expensive Volvos can be experiemnted.

Volvos should never be introduced in the experimental routes like it was done for KS. Commuters were not willing to take the Volvos since their passes were not allowed (except Volvo passes) - a major drawback and the routes were mostly weekend destinations oriented rather than office commute oriented.

Movement pattern should be jotted down with the help of Bangalore Traffic Police and B-Trac and such routes should be candidates for buses. One major holding factor is the width of these roads.



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Source is being ignored!

SB, Murali, SY, IDS and others,

All the models, pictures that have posted here for discussion are missing a very vital ingredient for nay design and implementation. All our designs, models will be of no use if we do not take the source of traffic generation in and around B'lore.

The bulk of the traffic on roads and buses is from the daily commuters. This daily commute has certain dynamics - Particular destinations, certain number of travellers, time of the day etc. The traffic pattern is not uniform all across the city and its perimeter.

While modeling the change, one has to account for this important element. Also in our designs we need to aspire for reasonable and equal connectivity all across the city. One must correct the current anomaly that exists in BMTC planning and operation. Even BMLTA confirms the BMTC connectivity to be lopsided. As usual most affluent areas ie. Bangalore South has 90% coverage. North and Eastern parts have less than 50% coverage. comment guidelines

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