Routes introduced after February 2010

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Following routes came into existence after the first bus day in Bangalore City by BMTC

  • 7H: Jayanagar 4th block-->Wilson garden-->Austin town-->Viveknagar-->Austin Town-->NGV-->Koramangla water tank-->BTM
  • 201MA: St.Johns-->Koramangla water tank-->DELL-->Indiranagar 100 ft road-->Jeevanbhimanagar
  • 201RC A/C suvarna: Chikkalasandra-->Banashankari-->Silk board-->Dell-->Indiranagar 100ft road-->C.V.Raman nagar
  • 201S: Banashankari-->BTM-->Silk board-->Forum-->Ulsoor-->Indiranagar-->Domlur
  • 201U: AGS Layout-->Banashankari-->BTM-->Silk board-->DELL-->Indiranagar 100ft road-->Byappanhalli
  • 201V: Jayanagar 4th block-->BTM-->Silk board-->Koramangla-->Neelasandra
  • Volvo 373G: Srinagar-->Hanumanthanagar-->Basavanagudi-->Jayanagar-->BTM-->Silk board-->Electronic City
  • 375B: Kengeri Shirke-->Kengeri-->Uttarahalli-->Chikkalasandra-->Banashankari-->Jayanagar 4th block-->Shantinagar bus stand
  • BIAS-8A: BTM-->Silk board-->Agara-->Marathahalli-->K.R.Puram-->Hebbal->Airport
  • 378: Kengeri Shirke-->Kengeri-->Uttarahalli-->Chikkalsandra-->Konanakunte cross-->Gottigere-->Koli farm-->Neeladri amusement park-->WIPRO-->Electronic city gate
  • 410D: Bharath nagar-->Sunkadgatte-->K.H.B.Colony magadi road-->Vijayanagar-->PES-->Hosakerahalli-->Banashankari-->BTM-->Silk board-->Electronic City
  • Volvo 500NC: Banashankari-->East end-->Dairy circle-->Agara-->Marathahalli-->ITPL
  • 600G: Chandapura-->Electronic city-->Silk board-->BTM-->Banashankari-->Kumaraswamy layout second stage
  • 600FA: Banashankari-->BTM-->Silk board-->Bommanhalli-->Electronic city-->Jigani
  • Volvo 600Q: Banashankari-->Jayanagar 4th block-->BTM-->Silk board-->Electronic city


More routes

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276Q, 276R: Vidyaranyapura to Vidyaranyapura in reverse directions, Vpura -> nanjappa circle -> thindlu -> kodigehalli -> hebbal -> BEL circle -> Vpura

276M: Vidyaranyapura -> nanjappa circle -> thindlu -> kodigehalli -> hebbal -> Majestic

@Muthu I was informed that

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I was informed that 276M runs via Nanjappa circle-->New BEL road-->Anand rao circle-->Shantianagar and the bsu running via Kodigehalli to majestic is 288M. Kindly check out the same. 

@ss87. You are right. It was my mistake.

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@muthu Its ok-no

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Its ok-no problem


364K: K.R.Market-->East end-->Delmia-->Brigade millenium (J.P.Nagar 7th phase)

401H: elahanka-->Kodigehalli gate-->Kodigehalli-->Tindlu-->BEL circle-->Yeshvantapur-->Hampi nagar


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366MA: Byatarayanadoddi-->Weavers colony-->Gottigere-->J.P.Nagar 3rd phase-->East end-->Jayanagar 4th block-->K.R.Market


AS-15: Byatarayanadoddi to Jayanagar 4th block

Volvo 373GR: Rajarajeshwari

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Volvo 373GR: Rajarajeshwari nagar to Electronic city via Nayandahalli

Volvo 250ZA: Majestic to Adarsha college via Yeshvantapur and jalahalli cross

 Volvo 500KG: Global Village

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 Volvo 500KG: Global Village to ITPL via,Banashankari,Marathahalli

Volvo 600KG: Global village to Electronic city

270HA: Jayanagar 9th block to HMT via shivajinagar

thanks so much

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Any idea on where and how to get this information on a regular basis!?

Should also add local shuttles which look to be permanent now in whitefield.

  • WFS -> Marathahalli -> Kundalahalli -> Brookfields -> Hope Farm -> Varthur kodi - > back to MArathahalli
  • WFS-2 -> reverse of above (anti-clockwise)

 @SB I spot a bus that looks

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I spot a bus that looks like a new route and I add it immediately. 


Ya I had forgotten the WFS-thanks for adding them


FDR-6: Chikkalasandra-->Konanakunte cross-->Jambu savari dinne-->Kothnur dinne-->J.P.Nagar 15th cross-->Jayanagar 4th block-->Banashankari-->Chikkalasandra


314AA: Ulsoor-->BTP-->malelshpalya-->Marathahalli-->Kundalahalli gate-->ITPL

401GA: Yelahanka Satellite Town to Chennamakere Achukattu via Yeshvantapur,Vijayanagar,Nayandahalli

600FB: AGS layout to Electronic city via banashankari

C5 ??

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Have some new circular ring routes been introduced? We all know pretty well about C1-C4 routes ( if you need help).. And they fit in well into the 'network'...

I saw a C5 bus yesterday morning near Lalbagh. To be precise, the bus was headed towards Ashoka Pillar from the Lalbagh Siddapura road. I was in the oppoosite direction, and didnt notice the route details, but have two questions.

* What is the rationale/process for introducing a new route?  And, Why should a route in the Big Circle series be running near lalbagh?

* When the BMTC introduces new routes, what is the mechanism to disseminate the information to the public?



-Srivatsava V

Fit case for a RTI?

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Question on process/rationale behind any route introduction by BMTC has been remained unanswered for very long.

My suggestion would be try getting an answer from BMTC whenever you meet them. If that doesn't work, I think it is a fit case for filing the RTI.

Murali Sir, could you pls add it to your list?


 BMTC has never ever

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 BMTC has never ever announced about a new route introduced-we people have noticed it and have started travelling. Route no. 378 runs every 10 minutes once from kengeri to electronic city but no body knew it till it was spotted and posted. Now many have come out-about a bus every week. A main point to discuss with BMTC. 

Pilot non-stop buses this Bus Day?

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We already have so many Volvos plying between KBS-ITPL & KBS-EC. But, what we need is non-stop/express service. What irritates the most is the Kai Thoridalli Nilluve (Stop whenever hand is shown) service from Volvos. It is good for passengers who are getting inside the bus, but for those who are inside the bus, it will be frustating with so many stops. Travel time also increases.

Why not a pilot non-stop/ miminum stop at major junctions only service from KBS-EC and KBS-ITPL. Pilot buses can use A/C Suvarna if successfull can use Volvos. BMTC may think twice to run Volvo-Nonstop.


 Not a bad idea at

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 Not a bad idea at all-seriously hey can implement it-these buses can stop only at Corporation,shantinagar,St.johns,madiwala and bommanhalli on way to BMTC must operate them only in the peak hours or else they will run empty


About 10 years back there was a "H" service operated by BMTC-even black board bus on a "H" service became a red board and cost then was 50 paise higher-this bus skipped about 5-6 stops on way from J.P.Nagar to majestic and travel was bit faster-but the bus lacked crowd in non-peak hours. Probably this can be implemented once again on major routes and even routes going to Nelamangla,Bidadi etc. They may also be prefixed "L" for limited like L-258C,L-356C etc to enable identification. 

BG Road to ITPL

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 A new volvo route 411GT was supposedly introduced in May between Gottigere (BG Road) to ITPL. An email floated around announcing the timings of the bus also.

Yesterday, I waited for the bus at the announced time but it never came. I can't comment whether this route is stil active or not (as I go by company bus).

There is simply no mechanism in BMTC to announce new routes. The easiest way to publicise would be thru SMS. The target group can easily be found from phone company address records. Smart politicians have done in this in last years Lok Sabha election. Only Bangalore South campaign messages came to me.

BG Road to ITPL new

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I have travelled on the Volvo  bus which is running from BG Road to ITPL last week.

The correct route number is not mentioned on the bus and that might be the reason people are not aware about the existence of this route.

They are currently running volvo bus with the number displayed as 500C.

(however this route number seems to be misleading when the same is searched on BTIS or BMTC websites).

 500C volvo runs between

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 500C volvo runs between banashankari and ITPL- 500KM runs betwen Kalyani magnum and ITPL  via Delmia circle and east end. On a bus day route no. 411GT was introduced between Gottigere and ITPL-it was a bus day specific route so might be spotted on bus days only

S1 - S2 routes were good, don't know why BMTC stopped it.

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 S1,S2 routes running using A/C Marcopolos  were launched without any advertisements. Route was good, but somehow they stopped it. Hope they relaunch again.


 C-1B(500d's new

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 C-1B(500d's new version)

  C-5(500 complete ring)

 401AC: Devanahalli-Yelahanka-Yeshvantapur(It is an ordinary service)

Volvo 215BM: Brigade millenium to Majestic

215L:  Kothnur-Banashankari-Jayanagar-Jeevanbhimanagar

13Z(AC marcopolo): ISRO layout- Shivajinagar

210PS: Chikkalasandra-NR Colony-Gandhi Bazaar-Chamarajpet-Good shed road-majestic

414: K.Narayanapura to Hampi nagar

180C: KHB Colony (Magadi road) to Yeshvantapur



 As we are yet to cope with

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 As we are yet to cope with the C routes I spotted a D route of BigCircle bus yesterday-and "D" here did nto mean the depot route as it was followed-The route noticed was D-5 going to silk board from BTM side(Depot-5 is Vijayanagar so there is no link). again sometime later spotted a D-6 with board of Kadugodi(Depot-6 is Indiranagar). 


If someone notices them please pass on the route information-I may not be in station for soem time so chances of noticing them is quite less till month end

The mystery of new D routes, resolved

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ss87, I to noticed the D-5, and also a D-4 route. Asked around to find that D is also a Big Circle route. Here is the theory

  • C routes are clockwise, on outer ring road
  • D routes are anti-clockwise, on ORR.

So I was told. But I did see C-4 and D-5 runing in same direction. So either these are teething problems, or my information is wrong.

Yes, deedless to say, it confuses the hell with BMTC depot buses, which also start with D.

 @SB Sir I don think so. D-5

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Sir I don think so. D-5 runs between Banashankari and Hebbal. C-4 from Kengeri to Kadugodi has been renumbered as D6. (I saw both numbers on same bus). D9 is Banashankari to Marathahalli. (Previous 502C). Spotted a D12 too today no idea of its route. 

So may be D routes are clockwise and C anti clockwise

Volvo 500AG:  Global village

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Volvo 500AG:  Global village to Hebbal via Banashankari

Volvo 500KG: Global village to Marathahalli

356Z: Chandapura to Anekal

351R: Anekal to Sarjapura

 279H: Majestic to

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 279H: Majestic to Nagashettyhalli via Malleshwaram, Sahdhashivanagar police station, Ramaiah Hospital, Ashwath nagar and Sanjay nagar

284H: Majestic to Yelahanka New Town via Malleshwaram, Ramiah Hospital,Bhadrappa layout, Byataranyapura and NES

G-12(Big-10) running on Old Madras road between K.R.Puram and Trinity circle has been extended to Shantinagar TTMC. 

Volvo 500DE: Vidyaranyapura-Hebbal-Marathahalli-Hope farm(Route of 500DB from Hebbal)

315G: Krishnarajapuram to Banashankari via IRR



Volvo 2K

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Volvo 2K which ran between Majestic and Kalyani magnum has now been altered to run via Banashankari and Attiguppe to Vijayanagar. the present route for this bus is Vijayanagar to Kalyani Magnum J.P.Nagar

Volvo 500E: Hebbal to

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Volvo 500E: Hebbal to Electronic City

500F/375: Kadugodi-silk board-Banashankari-Uttarahalli-Kengeri

507: K.R.Puram-Hebbal-BEL Circle-Yeshvantapur-Gorguntepalya-Kamakshipalya-Sunkadgatte

Volvo service(No number) leaves silk board at 5:30PM to Murugeshpalya via Marathahalli and HAL

Marcopolo 319C reintroduced

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There is a new AC Marcopolo 319C that is plying between majestic to ITPL through KRPuram. I guess this would help people from indira nagar and old madras road to reach ITPL without going to Airport Road. 

The bus makes three trips in the morning. Starting from Majestic at 7.30, 8.00 and 8.30 respectively.

In the evening, it starts from ITPL at 5.00, 5.30, 6.00 and 6.30pm respectively.

So far it is somewhat regular. But, I guess when the Bus timing is so infrequent, it is important to stick to the timetable, to give confidence to the passengers to wait for the bus!

I had written to BMTC about reintroducing this bus. I am happy that my first attempt to contact bmtc with a route request was answered :) But, I had also given a route suggestion to follow the 335E route from ITPL to Graphite India, and then take a right turn towards old madras road, wiht the view of increasing the ridership by covering more of the EPIP area. I guess they ignored that remark. I hope that they wouldnt stop the bus again!!

New route 378C

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378C:- Kengeri ---- E. city 

I spotted a new route 378C near the JP Nagar 15th cross yesterday at 7:30pm. It had a board with destinations Electronic city to Kengeri. The bus belonged to depot 21. 

I called up the depot manger and enquired about the route and the no of buses.

As per the information received.. it wil ply on JP Nagar ORR and then to Vijaya bank colony and further. 
Regarding the no. of buses. A total of 3 buses. One each to depot 21,19 and 37.

worse response from Depot Manger 37.

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When I tried to get the route information from the depot mangers, the depot manger 21 & 19 were very calm and polite. They responded nicely. As they had finished duty and out of the office, they couldn't give the details of the route.  

But, the Depot manger of depot 37 was were rude. When I asked him route details so that I will put it internet(Praja), hs reply was " I can't give the route details. You come down to depot to know the deails." 

If BMTC officials like them doesn't support and encourage public, then how will the public will get motivated or the new routes get publicity.

Re:Marcopolo 319C reintroduced

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This is a nice route and can act as feeder to Metro at OMR / Swami vivekand road station to ITPL once Metro is operational. More frequency throught the day should be introduced once Metro is operational. 

RT 378B

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New RT:378B Byyarsabdra to E-city

Saw 3 buses on 12-APR at JYN TTMC.

RT 502J

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New RT:502J 

I have seen around 3 different buses with 502J board having destinations written [ BANASHANKARI to MARATHALLI BRIDGE]. Via: JP NAGAR 6TH PAHSE, JAYADEVA, and as usual.

The RT:502C also ply b/w the same destination but pass through the Sangam Circle. 

As of now the RT :502J are still plying in the same as that of 502C

500KG Spotted at BG Road

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Yesterday at 7pm I spotted a 500KG Volvo bus near Meenakshi Temple (BG Road) going towards Bannerghatta. The board said ITPL to Gottigere.

Has the route of 500KG been changed ? All the above posts say 500KG goes from M'Halli to Global village (on Mysore road).

500DF is a new route from

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500DF is a new route from Hebbal to ITPL. It follows the route of 500 DB from hebbal to KR puram, and then instead of going to Marathahalli through Outer ring road, it goes via mahadevpura, and takes a right turn at ESI stop towards Graphite India, and follows the Sap Labs, Vydehi, Big bazaar route to ITPL.

Volvo 500KG-one service runs

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Volvo 500KG-one service runs from Gottigere-the original route is alos there(Global village)-i see that bus crossing JD mara around 10AM


215I has been diverted to run via Jayanagar and J.P.Nagar 15th cross and 6th phase to Konanakunte cross


366MA has been extended to Kaggalipura-runs via Bannerghatta, 3rd phase, Jayanagar to K.R.Market

500 Series Bus Route

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I found the complete listing of Bangalore Bus Routes here. Found very Informative and thought of sharing it.... 



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500KG is a bus introduced recently between Gottigere and ITPL. You can see some of mine and others updates about 500KG here:

Please join this facebook page also.

372H: Jayanagar 4th block to

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372H: Jayanagar 4th block to Nisarga Badavane via J.P.Nagar 15th cross, Jambusavari dinne and Gottigere


Heard a comment recently regarding route of 378A starting from Jigani APC to Kengeri-any updates on the same??

Volvo 600B: Jayanagar 4th

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Volvo 600B: Jayanagar 4th Block-9th block-Ragigudda-Eastend-Silkboard-Bommanhalli-Electronic city-Chandapura-Attibelle

Marcopolo AC 343K: Vishwapriya Layout-Bommanhalli-BTM-Jayanagar-South end-corporation-majestic

340T: agara to majestic via

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340T: agara to majestic via Silkboard, BTM layout, Jayanagar

410E: HSR Layout to Jalahalli Cross via Silk board, Banashankari, vijayanagar

364E reintroduced-Devarachikkanhalli to Bhoopsandra via Shivajinagar

Bus Day after Fare Hike

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Don't know how much Bus Day will be successful this month after steep fare increase. Rounding (rather ceiling) fare to nearest 5 rupee has made Volvo very expensive. I take 500K / 201R. Occupancy of 500K has halved after fare hike.

V500D from Silkboard to Mahadevapura was 18 rupees last year, during revision, they made it 35 rupees, now it is 40 rupees. 110% increase in fare within 1 year. 

500 DF route timings?

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BMTC Volvo website sucks as it shows wrong timings for many infrequent routes. Is there any updated site that has latest timings for all routes? Can anyone share 500 DF route timings from ITPL side to Hebbal

BMTC Tollfree number

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Eureka !! I called  toll free and got details but need to do field check if they are accurate.

For eg, they said 411L routes busees are cancelled and when I told them that I use them regularly, he clarified that he is reading from latest updated records. He agreed that Volvo website is not updated regularly.

Toll Free Number : 1800 425 1663
Vayu Vajra (Airport Service) : 7760991269







New route 20C

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I saw a bus with route no. 20C on Indiranagar 100ft. road.

I asked the person on toll free no. to give me the route details. He said it is not shown on his records!

Does any one know about this new route?


20 runs from Jayanagar 9th

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20 runs from Jayanagar 9th block-so considering that 20C should also be from Jayanagar side via South end, Lalbagh and Richmond

198: RMV 2nd

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198: RMV 2nd stage-Yeshvantapur-West of chord Road-Vijayanagar-MCTC-Muneshwara block-Srinivasa nagar-Kathriguppe-Devagowda Petrol Pump-Padmanabhanagar-Kumaraswamy layout


51: Girinagar-Muneshwara block-Ragavendhra colony-Chamrajpet-K.R.Market-Townhall-Majestic-Malleshwaram circle-Navrang-ahalakshmi Layout-Lakshmidevinagar


121C: Lingarajapura-Frazer Town-indian Express-Townhall-Market-MCTC-Kalidasa Layout


368B: Devarachikkanhalli to shivajinagar

New Routes

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A citizen reporter Siddharth S in the "Citizen Matters" magazine lists out the following new routes:

  • Volvo 500KG: Gottigere-JD Mara-Jayadeva-BTM-Agara-Marathahalli-ITPL
  • Volvo 500DF: Hebbal-Kalyan Nagar-KR Puram-Hoodi-Vydehi Hospital-ITPL
  • Volvo 600B: Byrasandra-Jayanagar(4th and 9th block)-BTM-silk board-Bommanhalli-Electronic city-Attibelle
  • AC Marcopolo 343K: Majestic-Corporation-Jayanagar-BTM-Silk board-Begur Vishwapriya Layout
  • 410E: HSR Layout-Silk board-Banashankari-Kathriguppe-Nayandahalli-Vijayanagar-sunakdgatte-Jalahalli Cross
  • 340T: Agara-Silk Board-BTM-Jayanagar-South End-Corporation-Majestic
  • 364E (Reintroduced): Devarachikkanhalli-JP Nagar 3rd phase-East End-Jayanagar-Shantinagar-Shivajinagar-Mekhri Circle-Bhoopsandra
  • 366MA: Kaggalipura-Bannerghatta circle-Gottigere-J.P.Nagar 3rd phase-Jayanagar-South End- KR Market
  • 372H: Nisarga Layout-Bannerghatta circle-Gottigere-Jambusavari Dinne- Puutenhalli-JP Nagar 15th cross-Jayanagar TTMC
  • 500DA: Yelahanka-Hebbal-KR Puram-Marathahalli-Silk board-Bommanahalli-Electronic City Wipro
  • 500DC: Hebbal-KR Puram-Marathahalli-Silk Board-Bommanahalli-Electronic City-Chandapura
  • 121C: Kalidasa Layout-MCTC-Sirsi circle-Townhall-Vidhana Soudha-Indian Express-Lingarajapura
  • 51: Girinagar-Chamrajpet-Market-majestic-Malleshwaram-Navrang-Mahalakshmi Layout-Lakshmidevinagar
  • 198: Kumaraswamy layout-Kathriguppe-Srinivasanagar-MCTC-Attiguppe-Vijayanagar-Rajajinagar-Yeshvantapur-Ramiah Hospital-Devaasandra
  • Hebbala to Banashankari Via Uttarahalli

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    I commute from Hebbal to Uttarahalli via Kengeri .

    There is no direct bus from Hebbal to Uttarahalli via BGS ,Chenna Chandra ..

    Route number 378 always crowd ...plying BMTC on this  route is more economical as well as college students also get benefitted ...

    Hope BMTC will consider this (or) 501C can be extended till uttarahalli..

    N.Ashok Kumar

    @ashok kumar Other than 378

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    @ashok kumar

    Other than 378 you also have buses like 375,375B,373J,378C,222G etc which to ply to Uttarahalli from Kengeri

    Extension of Volvo Service on Route 335E beyond Kadugodi

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    A lot of high end residential complexes are coming up in the stretch between Kadugodi Bus Stand and Safal Market / Bearys Global Research Triangle in Whitefield, many of them are already occupied.

    It is proposed to extend Volvo service at least upto Safal Market / Bearys Global Research Triangle with a few stops in between. It will be a great relief to the residents of this stretch who otherwise, have to travel long distances by their own cars. The occupancy of Volvo, which all the time is very low between Kadugodi and ITPL, will also improve as many people from the above areas may prefer to travel by Volvo for their offices. Many students in higher classes may also use the same as their school / college buses may not be coming to this area.

    The issue has already been taken up with BMTC but there is no response from their side. Any efforts to push the case will be highly appreciated.

    I dont see 319C marcopolos

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    I dont see 319C marcopolos quite frequently these days.

    Same story with WFS, 504E/F etc..

    Do they still run them?


    Also, a point about the feeder services. They seem to be connecting quite a lot of otherwise inaccessible routes. But, Do they really need to run these buses through all the small roads? Wont mini buses be better, considering the width of roads they ar eoperated on, and the number of commuters on these roads? The last thing I would want is for BMTC to stop these feeder routes, since they are not profitable



    BMTC route info

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    Will you please let me know how I can reach State Bank (St. Marks Road) from Indiranagar?

    ( Mr. Narasimha's site does not take into account the one ways).


    @K.V.Pathy St. Marks Road is

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    St. Marks Road is a one-way and hence the nearest stop to that for buses from Indiranagar will be the junction at end of the parade ground where the buses take a turn into Shivajinagar-from there State bank is about a kilometer walk-Return you can walk down to Richmond circle and take a bus as thats the closest stop

    Vidyaranyapura to ITPL

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    Came to know from my friend that there is Volvo bus from Vidyaranpura to ITPL, Can anybody tell the bus timings for this route.

    Vidyaranyapura to ITPL

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    Hi! Route number is 500DB ...bus passes devinagara 7.45 am  towards hebbala it shd be around 7.30 starts from Vidyaranyapura

    Txs Ashok

    N.Ashok Kumar

    New service: J.P.Nagar 6th

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    New service: J.P.Nagar 6th phase to Domlur: 201MD via Silk board, DELL: as per press release 6 buses with average frequency of bus every 1/2 an hour once


    25K: Dollars Layout(4th phase j.P.Nagar) to majestic via Delmia circle, Jayanagar



    213VA: Majestic to

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    213VA: Majestic to harohalli

    215CD: Jayanagar to Jai Sreenivas nagar

    BC-4A: Jayanagar to Yelchanhalli

    201MJ: Banashankari to Jeevanhalli via Indiranagar

    BC 9A: Yelahanka to Bagalur

    600KB: Vijayanagar to E.City via BETL(Flyover)

    Volvo 319CT: Majestic to ITPl via Ulsoor

    298PA: Yelahanka to Soolibelle via Bagalur

    298MG: Majestic to Bidalur via Devanahalli

    298MK: Market to Koira via Devanhalli

    Volvo 343L: Majestic to Hongasandra

    Marocpolo 341H: Majestic to Kanalli

    139A: Devasandra to Jeevanbhimanagar via indian express

    401KC: Devasandra to vijayanagar

    94F: Devasandra to shivajinagar




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