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Extend or overlap BIG 10 services

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I happened to travel via shivajinagar instead of taking the bus to KBS to reach domlur from sanjay nagar. I reached indian express hoping to get 331-A. It did come but it was already full and around 10 more people got in to the bus. The bus was literally full with just about people managing to find place to stand. On the way I say two BIG-10s which were with more than half their seats unoccupied.  Doesn't it make sense to extend BIG-10 running on arirport road toll indian express or shivajinagar? The Yalahanka BIG-10 seems to be doing good after extending it till shivajinagar. I cannot comment on other BIG-10s since I have never used them.

And I don't think I have to say anything on Blue-line and Orange-line buses. It is an idea which has completely gone wrong.


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 by that have to extend Big-10  to all the routes where the buses run ful.........
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What's is the point?

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   What's is the point in running a service which doesn't serve the purpose? The idea was to run big-10s on arterial roads and connect them using kendra sarige buses. But as you know kendra sariga han't worked well.   If you at least plan BIG-10 routes so that the routes overlap and one need not catch another bus, then it will be more useful I guess.

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Big 10 to Big 5

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Prof AM has been talking about this plan for quite sometime. He is planning to convert Big 10 into Big 5. For example the Yelahanka Big 10 bus instead of stopping at Shivajinagar goes all the way to Electronic city.

Certainly the conversion of Big10 to Big5 should involve some study on the population movement patterns.

What Big 5 should ensure is that each of these Big5 bus routes intersect every other Big5 route atleast at one point, so that when people have to reach from one destination to another they just need to change one bus. Hypotetically if we assume that a Big5 service runs from Yellahanka to E-City and another Big5 runs from Penya to Bannergatta - these two routes can intersect at say Indian Express building. If a person needs to travel from Yellahanka to Bannergatta, then he will have to change the buses at Express building. He will not have to use one extra bus like the HoHo (Kendra Sarige) bus, thus reducing the number or changes he will have do.


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Big 10 to Big 5 & Grid system

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 Mr. Muralidhar will be able to throw more light on this intersecting aspect from the 'Grid System' proposal submitted by the then 'Commuter comfort Task Force' to BMTC about a year back.


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Big10 better....than big5....

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    I should concede that I was amongst the brigade rooting for Big 10 to be made into Big5... But then, I have a compelling reason not do so - Extensibility and scalability.

     If we make this into Big5, we may never be able to add more roads to the model. Tanisandra Main road and hennur main road may never make it to the trunk route. So lets retain the Big10 without making Big5. Instead, we only need to extend the big10 to the outer edge of the CBD. I have posted the same on

   All the content in the above post should hold good, except the point about merging two routes into one.

As stated above the reasons are two fold

Extensibility - is the ability to add more new roads to the network. If we merge them, we have to find two roads(in completely different directions) to add a new route. And 10, or 12, is not too many routes, more so since they operate mainly on one road.

Scalability/Flexibility - When we merge two routes, we are forcing upon ourselves to provide the same frequency and convenience on two routes. Not merging them will allow us to have different frequencies on different  roads. So, if we add Tanisandra main road, we can have buses running at 10 minutes once there, while we can have buses at 4 minutes frequency on Hosur road.

     Another point is that if we introduce Volvos on Big10 routes, we can have shorter trips for Volvo on the same route. For example, On Bannergatta Road, we can have the Volvos going upto Meenakshi Temple, but the Normal/Suvarna buses going upto Bannergatta. Or Magadi road Big10 could upto Magadi/Sunkadakatte, but Volvo big10 could go only upto Kamakshipalya/ Or take the Ring road to Nandini Layout...

Vasanth-sir, Ritesh, Murali-sir, Prof. AM... what do you have to say on this??

-Srivatsava V

-Srivatsava V

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BIG 10- BIG 5

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I do not see why there should be conflict. We can have Big 10 PLUS Big 5 (or whatever the number of routes in demand).

The point is one should be able to travel all the way from one corner to another without the hassles of changing the bus , which involves waste of time, money and the hardship in getting out and getting in mostly from a different bus stop crossing the road with wall-like road dividers if there is no pedestrian crossing.

Such system was envisaged in the proposal of GRID routes.


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we need merging bus routes

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I agree with Ritesh and Pathy K V. The present BIG-10 routes only ply till almost central part of bangalore. there by creating the passengers to hop on to multiple bus to reach a place.


Atleast BMTC should extend the BIG-10 buses beyond the central part without touching the central area.

For exaple just like the BIG blue buses.


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Similar to Big 10 - MBS Series

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 Earlier, BMTC itself had started MBS series of buses for grid routes. It was not so successful. Still MBS series are plying, but frequency is not as good as Big10. BMTC also had T series of buses, T12 is still popular.

Something like the Big 10 roads of Bangalore, we have few big localities comprising popular roads. A connection of such roads of  one of the locality of one end of the city to the other end will be more useful.

For example, Malleswaram Sampige road is a very popular road often visited, same way Gandhi Bazaar Main Road, Jayanagar. We earlier had route 1. 

Same way, on the south we have the Bank Colony Main Road, KR Road etc with good population density. On the north we have MS Ramiah Road / Vidyaranyapura Road / BEL Road.

On the west we have Vijayanagara Main Road, on the east we have Koramangala IRR.

We need Big 10 blue buses like service, let BMTC call them with whatever series like MBS series or T-Series, connecting these major roads with good frequency of atleast 10-15 mins.This will be similar to Metro service connecting one end of the city with the other although buses gets struck in traffic. This should bypass Majestic to save the time of commuters. Otherwise, Majestic is already connected to every area, and this will be duplication.


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Instead of terminating few buses at mayohall/brigade road they can terminate big 10 buses at shivajinagar busstand. at least there is good enough shelter and better connectivity. shivajinagar busstand can even be termination for metro feeders to mg road station.

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 The stopping of Big-10's at

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 The stopping of Big-10's at enterances is quite abrupt end to the long routes. Some routes are seriously in view of extension and conversion. Why have a G-2 and B-2 separately-all G-2's can cut across towards Peenya merging some buses of 252A too. G-4 can be merged with G-1 to Kadugodi, G-12 and G-6 can be merged as they have common destination at Shantinagar. Similarly with G-5 and G-11 which will in turn connect Kanakapura Road with Shivajinagar and K.R.Road with Hennur. The route of G-7 to can be diverted-it stops at majestic literally taking out the concept of Big10

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MBS & T's(Trunk) Routes

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@ ss87 & @ VASANTH.


Some of the MBS & Trunk routes were really helpful in service but they were removed or stopped becoz of loss in terms revenue. Even though the routes were highly popular, they were removed.

Now the question arises, how it is loss when the routes were highly popular??


Need the answer??? Here it goes..........


Consider this.. the longer the routes ... the less is the revenue earned on those longer routes as compared to the 2 interchange buses.

Well let me explain in clear..

Consider you are a resident of JP Nagar 6th phase and wish to go to HEBBAL. 

So normally you go to KBS(Majestic) and from KBS one more bus to Hebbal.
Hence the fare you pay in total is :--From JPN6 to KBS: Rs:13(approx)
                                                           From KBS  to Hebbal  Rs:12(Apprx)

So total RS:25, BUT THIS WON'T HOLD GOOD in the MBS-1(which was plying from 6th phase to Hebbal). The fare would be b/w Rs17-18.

So a loss of Rs: 7 or More to BMTC. 

If you(readers) still didn't get the idea,

Board the Big Blue-10 FROM E-city and purchase the ticket for the last stop(i.e,) PEENYA. 

And while coming coming back, board a bus from PEENYa to Shivaji Nagar and from Shivaji Nagr to E-city. 

Then see the difference in the fare spent by you in to & fro motion. 

Conclusion: Longer or merged routes means loss to BMTC.

BMTC's main motto is too make more & more money by causing problem to Public.


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True- seriously a concept to

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True- seriously a concept to fight for. Though MBS-1 wasnt very popular for its route and never got a good crowd many routes like MBS-9, MBS-10(Revised route from BTM to Kasturinagar), MBS-11, MBS-5, MBS-23(The esrtwhile 205 now non-existent) were good routes. So were TR-9(278E/27E).

But the main issue here was these routes were run by the "On contract services" which got paid by BMTC on fixed basis. Later BMTC took over them and ran the MBS ones but soon gave up with it. Same case with other popular routes like 287M, 402H, 1, etc.

As said in the earlier post the main reason here is revenue loss as so thought by BMTC. BMTC is quite from long time focussing only on this aspect rather than any other aspect. and the reasons they give when these are pointed out- God had seriously endowed the people with brains enough to cook up excuses and come out with reasoning.

The only +ve thing here is the development of the ring road services-thats the only area which BMTC thought of giving so much improvements. The other area is connecting the  majestic bus stand which is in utter chaos now at any time. All other areas havent been given importance and result is seen in all the junction stops where a huge crowd always wats for change over comment guidelines

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