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Information Available on BMTC

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Information Available:

Operate 5247 schedules
Deploy a fleet of 5441 buses
Make 73240 trips
Perform 11.78 Lakhs Service Kilometres
Carry more than 38.00 Lakhs Passengers
Earn around Rs.258.54 lakhs and
Pay Rs. 14.22 lakh to the Government towards Motor Vehicle tax
Every month, about 2.36 lakhs Monthly public passes are issued
Everyday, about 1.82 lakhs daily passes are issued
Operating 69 Vayuvajra and Suvarna branded services to Bangalore International Airport
Specially designed 12 Ladies Special, 3 Hospital Special, 1 Mall Special buses are operated
Minor Bus Stations :      31 spread all over the City
Wayside Bus Shelters :     2200 in city and sub-urban areas.

Pushpak: fast buses
Parisara Vahini: Eco friendly buses
Vayuvajra and Survarna: To bangalore Internation Airport
Curitiba: City sight seeing buses

Red Board: Connects all villages around the city
Black Board: To core areas to ease congestion

Dedicated workforce of 20473
Drivers (7489)
conductors (5775)
Driver / Conductors (3610)
Maintenance staff (2107)
administrative staff and others (1492)

I. Physical performance: (Dec 08)
1.Schedules Added: 348
2.Schedules Operated: 5112
3.New Vehicles added: 587
4.Vehicles Scrapped: 151
5.Vehicles Held: 5342
6.%age Cancellation: 3.0
7. Effective Kms.per day(Lakhs): 10.95
8.Traffic Revenue per day (lakhs); 258.54   
9.Veh. Utilisation(kms): 228.0
10.Fleet Utilisation(%age): 94.6
11.K.M.P.L (HSD): 4.40
12.No.of Breakdowns: 2153
13.Rate of Breakdowns/10,000 Kms.: 0.07
14. No. of Accidents: 462
15.Rate of Accidents/Lakh Kms.: 0.15

II. Financial Performance   (Rs. In Lakhs) (Dec 08)
1. Effective kms (lakhs): 3010.20
   % growth: 7.1
2. Traffic Revenue: 71097.90
   % growth: 15.7
3. Other Revenue a) Govt Reimbursement
         b) Other com. revenue: 1757.60
         c) Total other Revenue: 1757.60
4. Gross Revenue; 72855.50
   % growth: 15.8
5. Cost of Operation: 66888.22
   % Increase: 15.6
6. Margin on Traffic Revenue: +4209.68
7. Margin on Gross Revenue: +5967.28
8. E P K M on Traffic.Rev. (In Paise); 2361.9
   % growth: 8.0
9. E P K M on Gross Rev. (In Paise); 2420.3
   % growth: 8.1
10. C P K M (In Paise): 2222.1
   % increase: 7.9
11. Margin on Traffic Revenue (In Paise): +139.8
12. Margin on Gross Revenue (In Paise): +197.9

4 Major Bus Stations: Kempe Gowda(Majestic), Shivajinagar, Shanthinagar, City market
32 Depots:
Hennur Banaswadi
R.T. Nagar
Chandra Layout
Electronic city
R.Rajeshwari Ngr
Kalyana Nagara
K R Puram
HSR Layout
Yeshwanthpur II
Srigandhada kavalu
Surya City
Due to closing of Depot-1 at Shanthinagar, Depot 5 at Vijayanagar and D-20 at Banashankari to build bus stations and TTMC , the depots strength is 29

City: Rs.420/- :Black Board
Sub-urban: Rs.565/- :Black Board & Red Board
Pushpak: Rs.600/- :city,urban,Pushpak,Suvarana
Gold: Rs.1750/- :All except BAIL Vayu Vajra and BAIL Survarna

Senior citizens Concessional Monthly Commuter passes
City Service (Black Board) :Rs. 350 /-
Sub urban Service (Red Board) :Rs. 485 /-
Pushpak :Rs. 515 /-

Daily Pass - Rs. 30/- (valid in BMTC’s city, sub-urban, Pushpak and Suvarna services)
Gold Day pass – Rs.75/- (valid in BMTC’s all services including Vajra (Volvo) services except BIAL dedicated)
Weekly Pass- Rs. 180/-
Police concessional Pass- Rs. 200/- (per month)
Police Duty Summon Pass- Rs. 200/- (per month)
Fire Force Pass- Rs. 200/- (per month)
Journalist Pass- Rs. 120/- (per annum)
Blind Pass- FREE
Concessional passes to Students

The rates for the display of Advertisements on BMTC Buses are as follows:
BACK PANEL [Ordinary & Pushpak buses of size 4' x 3 ']
Rs. 1,200/- & PK / JPV - Rs.1,500/- per panel per month

SIDE PANEL [Ordinary buses only of size 6' x 2 ' on LSP, 6 'x 2' RSP]
Rs. 1,200/- per side per month

Display on polyurethane Panels (above windows panes)
10 display spots of size 1¼' x 4½' - both inside & outside display.
Rs. 2,000/- Per Bus Per Month on Parisara Vahini buses. comment guidelines

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