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BMTC route allottment - sheet attached

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BMTC has recently launched a document providing the red board bus routes an dnumber of buses allocated to it along with the number of trips-though timings havent been provided I think we can make use of it a bit

I have attached the document along with the file-please go through the same



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 Perfect timing for us! We

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 Perfect timing for us! We just setup bangalore environment and were looking out for some data. Thanks a lot. Is there a place i could get the Volvo data as well? Thanks.

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Can get volvo data from BMTC

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Will post a file here in a week. If can't get current data, look at old files (in this same book, see left of this page)

Do make a route display/search widget if possible that we can embed here (or any like minded website) with due credits to you of course.

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Google Transit

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Google Transit is still not showing up anything on BMTC.

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Bus Timings Not Included

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The table posted by you is quite comprehensive with all routes (except vajras).

What is missing is the dep time from each end for all routes - if you can source this & post it, it will greatly help commuters. I'm sure they have these times (some commuters know this at terminal stops - don't know how), but they are not available anywhere in printed form.

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Your knowledge of BMTC operations is indeed astounding. Do you specialise in the subject?

Can you tell us
1) what's the difference between a schedule and a trip?
2) What are Num no, D/O, G/S, N/O (wrt to Marco Polo operations)?

So, there appear to be 582 + 1864 + 49 + 89 = 2584 routes. I can't see why most of them (except perhaps the so-called Mofussil operations) can't be merged into this scheme (discussed here), so that the frequencies can be increased considerably, and the number of routes reduced to a 2-digit figure (for easier comprehension). Yes, it may entail an extra transfer. But, isn't it worth it?

Muralidhar Rao
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 Please read my blog

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 Please read my blog carefully sir- this sheet was provided by BMTC in its official website and I just downloaded it onto my net-thought could provide it here -dont know why they have omitted the black board routes.

BMTC have given thier vajra schedules in their official website as well as in the same is quite reliable


GS as far i can see is General shift-D/o must be Day time and N/o must be night -must check it out-actually i only saw the 1st sheet and didnt see the remaining


Anyway we have got about 70% routes (Ordinary) through this sheet-let us see for more information which migh tbe provided by them

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BMTC Route Info

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ss87 - thanks, & BMTC webpage is beginning to have much needed commuter information, finally !

Srikanthlogic - You can find the volvo vajra routes+timings on bmtc's webpage - click here.

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 Yes they are finally

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 Yes they are finally providing the info which is actually required

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Thanks ss87,silkboard :) Yes we definitely have a plan for having widgets. Will implement that shortly. 

Also we have commenting enabled on all route / stage pages. So complaints / suggestions per route / stop can be obtained with ease and at one place and we could also forward the same to agency. Ex:-

Wish we move out bangalore soon from staging site and launch it. We will keep praja posted on developments and wish we could get some help from experienced bangalore prajas.


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Blackboard Route info is available

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"dont know why they have omitted the black board routes."

The Excel contains all the routes(Black board, Red board & Moffusil) in seperate tabs.



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 Yes sir! I spotted it-thanks

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 Yes sir! I spotted it-thanks for informing comment guidelines

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