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swapna55 » Saritha u r from which place 6 years ago
swapna55 » Saritha hi 6 years ago
murali772 » Vasanth Will be grateful if you could contact me on 98450 75543 7 years ago
murali772 » wgwwd Why don't you keep it as one single blog? 8 years ago
Abraham Kuruvilla Forget socialism for the EU now faces the same problem that Shylock did; "A pound of flesh but dare you not spill a drop of blood!" 8 years ago
Anish » Bheema.Upadhyaya Hello, I saw your post regarding BESCOM solar Scheme. Can you pls email me the details of that scheme. Thanks -Anish 9 years ago
Communisafety Helping to improve automotive public safety in Kerala 9 years ago
amithpallavoor » murali772 This is regarding BMTC's monopoly. Late night transport is a joke. Would be great if we could talk around this. This is for a column. 9 years ago
bijudba Introduce the SMS Platform ticketing system. Just SMS Station Code, should generate the platform ticket 9 years ago
amithpallavoor » Sanjeev I would have gladly done the survey for CRS even if it paid me a reasonable amount. Since it is purely voluntary I had second thoughts. 9 years ago
amithpallavoor » murali772 Thanks! I still can't believe that some irrational idiots wrote to DVS asking him not to consider the proposal for Bangalore 9 years ago
murali772 » amithpallavoor that Gentem comment was a spam. It was removed. Subsequently, have removed your response to the same too, to avoid confusion 9 years ago
svn_praja I want Indian cities to be Planned-Citites and to be Cities as-per-the-plan. 9 years ago
sum_chavan30 We can share the load of local train from Kalyan to Karjat & Kasara & reduce rush in pick hours 9 years ago
vishwa1 Feeling happy after Joining Praja. Need to bring a change hope I will be able to see that happen with all your co operation 9 years ago
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