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7.15 Transport System Management - B-TRAC 2010

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7.15.1 Background
Bangalore City, has witnessed a phenomenal growth in vehicle population. As a result, many of the arterial roads and intersections are operation over the capacity (i.e., v/c is more than 1) and average Journey speeds on some of the key roads in the Central Area are lower than 10 Kmph in the peak hour. Therefore, it has become necessary to establish plans for efficient traffic management in Bangalore. In this regard, Bangalore City Police have envisaged the “Bangalore Traffic Improvement Project – B- TRAC 2010”

7.15.2 Goal and Objectives
The objectives of B-TRAC 2010 would be two-fold:
1. Operational Objectives:
(a) Reduce traffic congestion by 30% in the Central Area of Bangalore City;
(b) Reduce accidents by 30% in the city of Bangalore;
(c) Achieve significant reduction in pollution;
(d) Achieve substantial compliance of Traffic Laws and Rules; and
(e) Set up an effective Trauma Care System.
2. Institutional Objectives:
(a) Coordinated traffic management by developing mechanisms for the same, like institutionalizing Traffic Task Force, Road Safety Committee, Traffic Action Committee etc;
(b) Robust Revenue Model (traffic funds to pay for traffic management infrastructure and maintenance);
(c) Legal and Institutional reforms;
(d) Capacity Building (Modernization and up gradation of Traffic Training Institute etc.); and
(e) Strengthening of Traffic police by augmenting officers and staff; construction of buildings and provision of modern communication and mobility.

7.15.3 Approach
The city of Bangalore needs a traffic management that addresses not just supply aspects, but also demand and B-TRAC – 2010 adopts this very same approach.

7.15.4 Strategy
B-TRAC-2010 framework would be as follows:
(a) Land use development controls;
(b) Primacy to Public Transport;
(c) Parking controls and management;
(d) Automated Control and Enforcement (ITS/ATC);
(e) Entry Restriction to the Central Area; and
(f) Road safety plan for accident reduction.
Specific components of the strategy are:
(a) Central Area – Area Traffic Control System; One way systems; dedicated bys lance and signal priority for buses; Parking controls; creation of no-auto zones; restricted entry of traffic in to the core area
(b) Core ring road development for unhindered movement of traffic thereby avoiding the central area
(c) Corridor Traffic Control System (as in ATC) for the several radial roads
(d) up gradation of intermediate and outer ring roads and development of the peripheral ring road
(e) Traffic police modernization with improved communication, computerization, mobility, capacity building and automated enforcement systems.

7.15.5 Components

The various components of B-TRAC are as under:
*Junction Improvements
*Street Furniture and Road Marking
*Intelligent Transport System including. ATC, VMS etc for 250 intersections
*Surveillance / monitoring and enforcement cameras etc
*Education and Training / Others

7.15.6 Benefits
(a) Traffic congestion will be reduced by 30% in the Central Area of Bangalore City
(b) Accidents will be reduced by 30% in the city of Bangalore
(c) There will be significant reduction in pollution
(d) Substantial compliance of Traffic Laws and Rules will be achieved
(e) Effective Trauma Care System will be set up
(f) Coordinated traffic management will be achieved
(g) Level of traffic and road safety awareness will be enhanced and
(h) State of the art traffic policing and regulation will lead to substantial compliance.

7.15.7 Summary

B-TRAC 2010 will be first of its kind project in the country to address the issues of traffic congestion, safety etc by utilizing the latest traffic management technology and techniques, which are appropriate to our context. This will give the much-needed scope for larger infrastructure projects to be planned and implemented for improving the transportation system in Bangalore city. comment guidelines

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