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7.1 Components Of The Traffic And Transportation Plan

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7.1.1 The previous chapter has dealt with the future travel demand analysis on various corridors. On the basis of projected traffic, an integrated multi-modal mass transport system plan indicating different mass transport systems on various corridors has been suggested in order to cater to traffic up to the year 2025. The balance traffic should be carried by road system in order to satisfy the needs of normal bus system and other modes such as two wheelers, cars, bicycles, trucks, pedestrians etc. The proposed Traffic and Transportation plan for Bangalore contains the following types of proposals, which will cater to requirements of the projected travel demand up to the year 2025.

Mass Transport System
-- Metro System
-- Monorail/LRT System
-- Bus Rapid Transport (BRT) System
-- Commuter Rail Services
City Bus System
-- Augmentation of Bus Fleet
-- Grid Routes
-- Bus Terminal cum Traffic & Transit Management Centres (TTMC)
-- Volvo Depot cum Traffic & Transit centre
-- New Bus Stations/bus shelters
-- Additional Depots
-- IT Infrastructure
-- HRD Infrastructure
-- Environmental Protect Projects
Inter-city Bus Termini
Transport Integration
Transport System Management Measures
Pedestrian/NMT Facilities
-- Footpaths
-- Skywalks/Subways
-- Pedestrian zones
-- Cycle Tracks
Road Development Plan
-- New Roads/Missing Links
-- Road Widenings
-- Grade Separators
-- Re-alignment of ORR
Parking Facilities
Integrated Freight Complexes

7.1.2 While framing proposals priority has been given to public transport and nonmotorized transport such as pedestrian facilities. For the balance travel demand, road improvement proposals have been formulated. The details of these proposals are given in the following paragraphs. comment guidelines

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