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Reporting BMTC ticket corruption

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Further from those posts on ticket-less corruption in BMTC, we now have a way of reporting these incidents. Yes, it is an Internet based system, so the complaints about this not being available to majority of BMTC commuters etc etc apply. Still, something is better than nothing.

The system, called "Correct ticket, collect ticket" is available at

If we could have an easy way of reporting this from mobile phones - may be just SMS bus route number, bus registration number, and conductor number to report a ticket issue problem, that could see better usage.

Further, I am not sure how the information logged here will be acted upon. For all you know, this could be used to target some conductors - that possibility exists, isn't it? Perhaps the complaint logged here would first lead to a single day audit of ticket sales on the given bus, and if a same conductor gets reported a few times, perhaps a focused audit of the routes he has been on.

Also, wouldn't it be nice to report the "bribe givers" as well? Some fear needs to be put inside them as well, targeting just the "bribe takers" might be a tad unfair.


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I have tried many times, no result.

Hope now we will get some action


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Thats an interesting thing

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I wonder why it is not on the BMTC site. How should people know that they should visit to report a violation of BMTC.

But certainly its a nice initiative. Miss-use can be prevented by punishing only those conductors against whom there are large number of complaints or by having some sort of a sting operation against whom they have received complaints and catch them red handed.

The same facility could also be extended to report any complaints against conductors/bus drivers - like misbehaving or rash driving or taking detours from actual routes - etc.
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Good beginning

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There are only two options of complaint. One is no ticket given. That usually happens one gives less money than the correct amount. I do not think anybody will complain about that. The BMTC also has to do its part by checking tickets. Last time somebody checked my ticket was about 2 or 3 years ago. That bus was 201, and they were terminating service at Koramangala, and they did not seem to mind that part.

Yesterday there was a section on auto charges( the charges given were little bit high). I could not find that today.  I hope they give some reference for bus charges so that we can know the official charges. I think I am giving more than the real charges :). comment guidelines

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