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This workgroup helped BMTC to conceptualize, plan and market a monthly Bus Day event starting February 2010. The thought for Bus Day was seeded during the Mobilicity-2009 event organized by Praja.in in November 2009, and then taken forward with active support from various public transport lovers of Bengaluru, BMTC, Traffic Police, KSPCB, ORRCA, members of praja.in community and others. Bengaluru now observes a Bus Day on 4th day of every month.

The original objectives of BUS DAY event are as follows:

  1. Encourage more people to take the bus on that day instead of their private vehicles
  2. Get first hand information, feedback and data to analyze further for improvements in the PT system specially in BMTC service.
  3. Build confidence among Private Vehicle commuters to move to PT system

Praja members have taken up several activities across these Bus Days. These include:

  1. Help identify the corridors, Industrial Parks, big concentrated IT parks who could be the target for this event and its publicity
  2. Run campaigns on Praja website to gather inputs and feedback for BMTC
  3. Help identify the logistics that BMTC should put in place to make the commuter's experience a good one
  4. Help with route maps for target corridors, help design posters and fliers.
  5. Run publicity campaigns via email, SMS, personal pitch in their respective work places.
  6. Bring in other publicity vehicles for Bus Day like radio, TV and newspapers.

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