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Using alternate routes

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 Having used BMTC for almost a decade, learnt many interesting experiences. To reach a place we generally prefer to travel by the shorter route and if possible direct bus. But shorter route/direct route  may not always be the faster route,and if involves changing buses might be expensive too. However there are various other routes that might be used-some saves both,some saves either one. 


Going by my experiences these are areas where I experienced a difference:

1. Mico layout (BTM) to Ulsoor and surrounding areas- From ring road 201 is a direct bus available-but travel in peak hour the bus takes minimum 25 minutes to reach silk board. so minimum time taken to reach Ulsoor via Koramangla and other areas would be 75 minutes. A small extra walk takes us to Bannerghatta road brings us the G-4 service taking us to Brigade road. Get down at Baldwin's stop (just before Brigade road) and catch the 201 there. Easily 20 minutes of 201 travel is saved in process which means you will be ending up 4 buses early(on an average)-Fare higher but worth for time saved. 

 2. J.P.Nagar to Vasanthnagar(Cantt)- The route generally followed is J.P.Nagar-Jayanagar-Shivajinagar-Vasanthanagar due to non-availability of  direct bus to shivajinagar frequently-but waiting time sometimes gets too much-better option: Taking th frequent majestic bus to Townhall and catching buses between 290 and 296 or 300 and 302 or 415 series to Vasanthanagar from there. Both money and time is saved in this regard(Rs.20 against Rs.25) and number of buses changed is also lesser


3. Similarly changing buses at Majestic/market/shivajinagar is not the option-Townhall, Mysore bank. Indian Express,Richmond circle stops provide a good connection. This also saves time entering and exiting the bus stands and one way among the same

 The above are just 2 instances-we might also get more and more updates and with people's contribution can actually work out on the routes that actually save time and money for us and escape from BMTC's never ending non-punctuality and ever increasing fares criteria. So please give your contributions regarding same


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Faster routes

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Valuable suggestions.

BMTC also should be asked to introduce buses along the routes suggested.


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 To go to domlur from

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 To go to domlur from sanjaynagar, I can either take a bus to shivajinagar and from there take a bus to domlur, or go via majestic.

But the fastest way is, catch the shivajinagar bus , get down at indian express, catch a bus to mayo hall and from there catch a bus to domlur. This reduces travel time considerably, but I have to change one bus more.


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 Nice route Mr. Srinivas-when

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 Nice route Mr. Srinivas-when you have a pass you generally dont bother about the changing of buses contributing to faster route


From J.P.Nagar to National games Vilage especially in peak hours it is very difficult to board or travel by 201. Thankfully the bus to Shivajinagar on route 29 is quite on time in this period-So I used to catch it to Wilson garden police station and take 171 from there-depot 15 buses were more convinient as they used to take the shorter route via Lakkasandra to Adugodi instead of all the way via Dairy-even otherwise this saved me about 15 minutes of time daily comment guidelines

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