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Road Widening hits a road block?

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Today’s Sunday times had the head line on road widening ahead of Food Ball news for a change.

Your house cannot be taken forcibly under TDR.

“As per the rules, BBMP can take up road widening only under the Transferable Developments Rights Scheme (TDR). If the private property owner does not cooperate in giving away his land for road widening the process cannot be taken up legally”

The only option for BBMP is to forcibly acquire the property by paying current market rate under Karnataka land acquisition act. What then was the relevance of BBMP TDR in the first place? Was it to take away the property without proper compensation? 


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Here's the link to the TOI

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Here's the link to the TOI report

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As compared to BBMP's useless TDR, BMRCL is offering Rs 38,216 per sqM for residential and Rs 48,000 per sqM for commercial land in the Basavanagudi area, making for per sqft rates of Rs 3,552 and Rs 4,461 resply, or per 60 x 40 site rates of Rs 85.25 lakhs and Rs 1.07 cr resply, which most property owners seem willing to accept. Check this.

But, that kind of a pricing is certainly not affordable to BBMP. And, neither is TDR acceptable to the citizens. Perhaps the answer lies here.

But, for that, we can't have a situation where we don't have the services of professional urban planners - check this. The answer again may lie in outsourcing such jobs to professional companies like this, whose services are now beginning to be engaged by quite a few states in the country. The interesting part is that they are Bangalore based, and have already submitted a pilot proposal for a stretch of the city's Peripheral Ring Road project, where it intersects the Bellary road, based on the re-constitution approach. However, last heard, it's still gathering dust in some BDA/ BMRDA office.

Muralidhar Rao
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Not a new development

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This is not a new development.  See the Environmental Support Group's Road-widening FAQ.   But yes, people were under the misconception that TDR has to be accepted compulsorily.  Hopefully newspaper articles like the above, and seminars like the one hosted by Save Bangalore Committee recently, and awareness campaigns by other groups will wake up people.

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'abide' says ...

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Also read quotes from Abide members today that they don't recommend road widening. Another 'advisor' to govt on traffic, Mr Sreehari too has been quoted to be against large scale road widening.

So if the 'advisors' are indeed not advising on these, who really is?

BBMP should circulate a vision document of sorts to tell us where they are taking us. To give them (their engineers) a chance, there might be a plan that we are not able to see. With a clear plan/vision document, we may be able to at least do some reason based debates with them.

I did ask 'someone' in BBP/BDA, and they pointed to last year's Abide blueprint. But papers are carrying quotes from Abide members saying they are opposed. And there is nothing on BBMP website that we can find.

So clearly,

  • Either the BJP govt is doing something that it things is going to bring it more votes, or
  • Some contractor stands to gain and is lobbying for widening, or
  • People who say "I am oppoed' in public, are doing otherwise behind closed doors. Hope not.

Any estimate on how much is the total value of all road widening projects combined? If its not sizable, then we stand some chance of convinving BBMP or Katta to not do it.

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Will widen

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 What's government's stand on road widening following protests? 
No change in plans. We'll have to widen roads and people must cooperate. TDR has worked successfully in other cities. We'll popularize it, make it bigger and better. 


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ABIDe's presentation etc

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This seems to be ABIDe's presentation: link

They actually don't mention wholescale widening in there. But they mention some 10 or so arterial roads to be made 6-lane etc.


They may be saying that, but it will be very difficult if the people who are losing their properties (or part of their properties) people refuse to cooperate. And if a lot of other people too join in, then they may have no option but to rethink.

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"Govt has realised that road-widening is not a solution'

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That is R. Ashok in today's The Hindu.   Online edition doesn't have the link yet.

More from the article: 

BBMP will review the roads identified for widening. R. Ashok said the review is already on and "We are clear that road widening will be taken up only whereever it is absolutely necessary".

Blaming the previous governments for listing the 216 roads identified for widening "that would eat into homes of thousands of people", he said: "The roads where the Namma Metro work is currently in progress will not be widened. The BJP Government has now taken up constructionof signal-free corridors, underpasses and flyovers for Rs 3,000 crore. With that, there will not be any necessity to widen roads." He added that Government had realised that road widening was not a solution to the city's traffic problems.


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 Looks like Ashoks govt is

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 Looks like Ashoks govt is different from Kattas govt. comment guidelines

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