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Coalgate: the cost of ideology


The Left Front has always opposed amendment of the Coal Mines Nationalisation Act, 1973, that banned private coal mining, save for captive purposes. UPA-1 wanted to amend this Act in 2004 to allow private mining-after which truly competitive auctions would have become feasible. But the LF prevented any amendment.

Solar power - rooftop, grid-connect, community grid, 3 diff things


Sanjay and IDS are already at it on another post (Solar - connected to Grid). Sorry guys, keep it on there, but I thought a primer on slightly varying type of talks on the subject may help. There seems to be a need for incentives, policy push and awareness on these three types of scenarios.

Right to Services aka Sakala - live from April!


So Right to Services, or timebound delivery of services to citizens goes live in state of Karnataka from Monday, April 2.  What services are we guaranteed to get? Well, go to this website, go to "Services", pick your department to see what services are "in scope" ( I went there, clicked on BBMP, here is the list:

Orion Mall - Traffic planning

TrafficTraffic jams

Some good work being done here proactively by citizens of Malleshwaram around the new mall thats coming up in the area... 


Some preliminary problems that we saw at Orion mall:

Solar Systems Connected to the Grid - Rules?


There have been several reports in the news papers recently about solar PV systems in Karnataka getting connected to the grid and injecting power into the electric grid when they produce more than they need.

When MRVC can progress so much why is Bangalore left out on commuter rail

Commuter Rail

From 2015, 12-car trains to run on harbour line

After three years, it might not be that difficult to board a Panvel train.

The union cabinet and its committees have given the green light to run 12-car trains on the harbour line from CST-Belapur-Panvel and Bandra-Andheri section and alsoinformed the railway ministry about it in early February.

Kingfisher debate

Such an airline (Kingfisher) deserves not just to succeed, but to be appreciated. No doubt, the high costs generated by government policies adversely affected all airlines; Naresh Goyal of Jet Airways is said to have lost his billionaire status and become a mere millionaire.

How did the BIAL runway deteriorate so fast?

AviationPublic Transport

A full scale runway closure is a major event, and for a runway to be closed for "maintenance" implies serious repairs. Serious repairs on a spanking new runway, at a new airport which has commenced operations less than four years ago, clearly implies something extra-ordinary.

more ...

"Sakala" - Wake-Up Call For Babudom?


Beginning today, there is a deadline for all public services: be it a certificate or redressal of a grievance from any government department. If the deadline is not met, the official will be penalized. - - - -  “Enough is enough. We don’t want people running around for services,” the CM pointed out.

Information Denial Facilitation Commission


Now, it's a celebrated fact that the TTMC's in Bangalore are the biggest case of mis-use of JNNURM funds, as has more or less been established in this blog.

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