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Alternate Road to Bannerghatta Road - Continued

Last week, there was a good post suggesting an alternate route to Bannerghatta Road (see here). Today i am raising the same topic in a little more detailed way. The photo below shows the map from google maps.

The line in green is an existing road, and the green circle at the bottom of the photo is the Vijaya Bank colony. There is a nice double road till the Vijaya Bank colony, but unfortunately that road ends couple of hundred meters past Vijaya Bank colony. Yellow line shows how that road can be connected.

I heard from couple of people that, there was a litigation over a piece of land on which the road was to be constructed. I also heard from people that an un authorized building has been built which is obstructing the path. Because of this land litigation {Or i can say due to foolishness of one of the apartment builder and some BMP officials who have pocketed money}, thousands of people are going to sacrifice their peace, money and petrol to cover couple of extra miles daily to reach Bannergahtta road and once again join back the BTM road (shown in green lines) which touches BTM lake and intersects Hosur road much ahead of BTM petrol bunk.

Can we build a road as shown in the yellow line, may be more diversions are needed.

I will post some more photos of where the road has been ended... watch this column.

Hats off to those who have been a part of this...

--Cheers Bangalorean

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some thoughts

hi, since you are using google earth why not markup on that and post upload the kmz? that way we can see the changes and exchange maps more easily. for those without GE, we can post a snap shot too. if you would like that, we could also move this discussion to a "book" so that it can have book pages for each revision. (see this to see how a book works) we could tie up silkboard's blog and your discussion together in a book to begin and then go on add pages as new ideas come up. but this is interesting this could run all the way down to begur road. how good is the begur road?
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promoted ...

this to the front page. Bangalorean, do you have more details about this litigation, is the matter pending before courts?
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Do not have details of the litigation

I am not sure of the current status of litigation. But i hear people saying that, there was no plan to connect this road to BTM road. But i know the fact that people used to say couple of years back, that this road is going to be connected to BTM road.......
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doing investigative work ...

... would be dangerous, no point in fighting anyone or sting operations etc. How about this as the first thing. Find who should we give our suggestions to. This would be the same person/body who can tell us what is planned for BG road to Bommanahalli/Hosur ROad/E-City connectivity. Let us dig up an email address here. Then, let as many of us as possible (registered Praja users) send an email asking the exact questions, offering the exact same suggestion. Let us see if we get a response.
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even now it can be connected to BTM layout

HI, I stay in belakahalli.., even now one road goes next Vijay bank enclave and goes and stops at presidency school cutting across devarchikkanahalli road.., they just need to take it further cut across the forest land ie near water purification and join the BTM road..,
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folks, this discussion is getting interesting. at one level this is an opportunity, at another level an example for BDA's failure to plan. how could they parcel off such a large piece of cake between bannerghatta rd and hosur road without any consideration to connectivity? is the builder of that apartment really at fault, if BDA didnot have the foresight to see bottlenecks? visitor, i could gather from aerial google earth survey, whatever you said. i was thinking about it. a small bridge could serve the purpose. perhaps there are JNNURM funds. but have to wait for bangaloreans full details before we can discuss this further. bangalorean, do consider moving this to a book. i could do the leg work, just need your permission.
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advaita pb?

are you talking about advaita petrol bunk on the ORR? so you are saying from ORR 29th main could take you down to BTM without taking a deviation to Bannerghata?
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This road would connect from the BTM lake road, you have to take left from just couple of hundred meters after silkboard junction on ORR Road, and much before Advaith Petrol bunk. This road will just go parallel to the BTM lake and takes a right turn, which connects to the Mantri apartments on Bannerghatta road. If this road instead of taking right, cuts through the lake, may be using some bridge and connects to the vijaya bank colony road (May be Visweswariah Road) which is a big double road, runs all the way to Hulimavu and Ends before Hulimavu Lake. If this road is extended beyond hulimavu lake, then it will to take half the traffic from banneghatta road. If they create one more connection to Hosur Road from the BTM lake road, parallel to ORR Road, it will take away some more traffic from ORR road, near silk board junction. The only problems i see today is lack of parallel road connection, which people can take or traffic can be diverted. Where ever you go this is a problem in bangalore, which shows a big and serious lapse of planning on part of who ever they are!!
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Traffic Police Created Traffic Jams near Jalabhavan

On Bannerghatta Road, in the evenings especially after 6PM, there is a long jam upto the underpass near Jayadeva, there is a total jam mainly by the cars of employees in Subramanya Arcade opposite to Jalabhavan. Earlier, there was an opening in front of Subramanya Arcade, but, recently it was closed by police. Employees of IBM,EMC & Cisco working in Subramanya Arcade were taking U turn just in front of Jalabhavan. Now,it has to go all the way upto underpass near Jayadeva and then take U turn resulting in long detour just to take U turn for these employees resulting in congestion throught the road. Earlier, it used to be congested only in front of Jalabhavan, now it is spread throught the stretch.
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Few issues

1) 29th main road is a 2 lane road. So there is not much scope for expansion, unless you make it a one way and develop the 32nd main road also. 2) it is a residential area. But now a days residential areas are having through traffic because of the traffic scenario in bangalore How does this proposal reach BDA/BBMP ?? Silkboard, tarle, any ideas ??
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There is enough space

I think there is enough space by the side of the lake that they can build a beautiful lake view road much better than the present one... it only needs some will and planning ....
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how to reach BDA/BBMP

Let us do this first. I will post all the phone numbers, email ids, URLs of relevant bodies where we can post this question. We will ask the exact same question, post the exact same query. If 20-30 of us do it, there is no way we wont be heard. But, somebody from the area (somewhere aroun vijay bank colony) must be one of the participant in this. Let me make this comment into a post or a poll and see how many will be interested in participating, which is as simple as clicking on a URL and posting a question, or emailing the question to an email id.
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Some more alternat routes from Electronics-City

Some options to avoid the traffic via Hosur Road. Although many people must be knowing the same, but still this might help some more. 1) E-City to Jaydeva Flyover, Bannergatta Road, Arekere, JP Nagar: - Take NICE Road. Positives: - No Hosur Road & BTM Hassles. Negatives: - The patch about 1.5 km long, joining NICE road & Bannergatta road is really bad. The traffic on Bannergatta Road. The route is also quite long but not as hectic as Hosur Road. 2) E-City to HSR Layout: - Take a right from Kudlu Gate. Go straight towards the compost depot. You can ask anybody for the road leading to HSR Layout. Positives: - For people staying in HSR Layout, no need to think twice, just take this road and avoid the horrendous U-turn at Bommanahalli Junction. Also people from Jakkasandra can take this route. It will be a bit long but guaranteed that no traffic on the way. Negatives: - Road condition is not quite good. Traveling via compost depot road may give you some horrible time because of highly bad smell. 3) E-City to Sarjapur, Marathalli: - Go via Hosa Road which directly leads to Sarjapur junction.
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Hope this will

help to divert some traffic away from Hosur road. And nice pro v/s con analysis too :) I suppose this 1.5 km stretch on NICE road is the part which is in a legal battle. I thought that stretch was not open for public. But based on what you say, looks like I was wrong. Can cars take that route too or only 2 wheelers can manage? It is unfortunate that since Govt annulled NICE agreement, the NICE road might not be completed in the near future at all. -Shastri


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The cars can also pass

The cars can also pass thrugh that road. In fact even BMTC buses and trucks use that road thereby causing mini-jams on that stretch. Anyways you have more altenate routes from that kuchcha road. If you are willing to experiment a bit, you can find them easily.(But road condition will be the same.) Specially during rains avoid those routes.
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BG Road/NICE jn to Jayanagar

Is anybody aware of the new road (recently inaugurated by CM) which connects Kanakapura Road and Bannerghatta Rd via Puttenhalli/JP Nagar 15th Cross and Kothnur Dinne? I guess this road meets BG Rd close to Meenakshi temple and was wondering if this is a good connector to JP Nagar/Jayanagar 5th/8th blocks by avoiding the congested BG Rd traffic. Currently it takes about 30 mins from BG Rd-NICE turnoff intersection to Jayadeva flyover in the evenings around 630 pm and a further 15 mins or so to Jayanagar complex. comment guidelines

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