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Banerghatta Road to Hosur - shortcut?

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We all know how bad the area round 19th main intersection is. (marker #1 in the map below). So it is not a surprise, that a shortcut to get to Hosur Road is getting pretty popular. I am guessing markers #2 and #3 are it. Or is it a set of roads further south, someone correct or confirm please.
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If a shortcut and alternative road to Electronics City is what people want, why not look at bettering this route? BMIC Peripheral expressway is a bit too south from here, and ORR up north is crowded. This route would sit right in the middle and take some load off ORR. I am guessing that the costs of doing a flyover on ORR at BTM 19th main and augmenting an alternative route like this would be pretty similar.


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better route to ecity from

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better route to ecity from bannerghata road is the NICE road. it starts at gottigere and ends just b4 ecity. saves you the maddening traffic on hosur road. a good thing will be to have a new road parallel to bannerghata road connecting to NICE road. bannerghat road is nearing its peak capacity and will no longer be usable once l&t south city is completed.
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you need more ...

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NICE road is a bit too south. Plus, two wheelers are most likely not going to be allowed on it once it is fully ready. Moreover, some folks (trucks, commercial vehicles) may not prefer NICE road due to toll. You just need more ways to get on to Hosur road from South Bangalore.
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two wheelers not allowed ??

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two wheelers not allowed ?? if you can construct a road near the madiwala lake .. maybe expand btm 29th main to reach NICE road, there will be nothing like it. remember one of the worst traffic hit roads in bangalore is the bannerghata road, so you need an alternative to travel south hosur road is another traffic night mare. so you need another road running in between parallel to these so that traffic jams can be avoided. if you connect to hosur road, it is going to be just another jam junction. the traffic peaks on housr road are due to the traffic to ecity. so you need to get around that. the overhead road to ecity, may just increase the traffic chaos at silkboard. there is no escape route from there unless you reduce the vehicles on the outer ring road somehow and take over some land from central silk board to create another mamoth traffic interchange at that spot
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More "radial" roads

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You are right. Papers and some websites have two wheelers listed on the "tolls" table -> Rs 0.40 per km for Two Wheelers. I think Pune-Mumbai expressway doesn't allow two wheelers (in general expressways should not, It is just unsafe) and that made me assume the same for BMIC expway. About your other point, actually, what you are trying to say indirectly is this. We need more "radial" roads to get us in and out of the central areas. I fully agree with that. comment guidelines

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