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A praja face to face meet at Vittal Mallya Road June 12, 2010

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I, Mr. KV Pathy and Mr. Janardanam arrived at the Vittal Mallya road at about 8:30 AM to day as scheduled. We were later joined by Dr. Srinath Heragu. We started our tour of the road from the kasturba road end of the Vittal Mallya Road. The tour ended at the st marks road end of the Vittal Mallya road.

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1. The South Foot path

2. The central Sewerage Cover

3. The cable cover on foot path

4. The South Foot path with Boundary wall under construction

5.Coffee day Statue

6.The Sewerage cover

7. The Rain Water Lip 2' x 5' (South side)

8.Slope too uncomfortable

9. Discontinuity in merging

10. Rain Water U guide

11. UB Maintenance crew Member at work

12. Street Light Pole and the boundary wall


Main RoadParameters:

  1. Curb Height
    1. 3 inches
    2. 3 inches will only hit the car tires
  2. Ponding
    1. Height 3 inches
    2. Width 20” ?

Storm Water Drains

  1. Left side Storm water drain was cleared of all muck. The shape was remodeled to have a U shape cross section.
  2. pvc pipes were used for the Right side Storm water drain
  3. Why was this difference in the above 2?

Various Ducts

  • The ducts provided are only pipes.
  • Cross ducts spare ducts
  • Telecommunication 
  • electric Power
  • additional cross ducts


  • pvc pipe for Potable water 330 dia
  • reinforced concrete pipe for sewage water 400 dia

The Raja Kaluve was also refurbished to which the roads storm water is discharged.

The following document was the Reference which provided the guide lines for this remodeling effort.

“Storm Sewer Design Applications for the City of Houston, Texas, Capital Improvement Plan Projects October 19, 2005 “


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Rain Water Lip

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Rain Water Lip

This is 2' x 5' in dimension. The design is made to limit the height of water within the 3" high curb even for the design high expected rain fall of x" inches . I do not have the exact figure!

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Nice report, missed it

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Sorry PSA sir for missing your meeting as I had to be out for almost a week due to work and stuff. Great report and thanks for all the pictures.

So where exactly is the illegally encroached land which Mr Santosh Hegde is unhappy about?

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well-engineered roads

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When we have ready at hand the services of a Mr Vivek Menon, whose company has so beautifully re-engineered the entire stretch of this road, after having completed lot bigger highway projects in the US, particularly in Houston, why do we have to continue to suffer the deeds of the 'fossils' in our BDA/ BBMP/ PWD, who have been responsible for the 'masterpieces' such as at  

Whether with signals, or without, what we want are competently engineered roads.

Muralidhar Rao
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Well planed cities, and….

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Well said, Murali sir. However one could further go up the ladder. What we require is well planned cities, states, countries. The ultimate is the whole planet!

With this in view I had blogged about town planning earlier, in three parts, viz Part 1, Part 2 and part 3.


Part 2 

Part 3

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Rename Vittal Mallya Road

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The road has been re-done for only part of the stretch. from Kasturba Road end till its junction with Lavelle Road. Though you have stated that you'll went right up to the St. Mark's Road end, you have failed to bring out the contrast and the utter disrepair of the stretch from the Lavelle road junction till the St. Mark's Road end.

Since there is no point in keeping the name of the road as Vittal Mallya Road, it would be a good idea to revert the name of the road to Grant Road.

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not so great afterall

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News reports in TOI has pics of inundated mallya road..its completely submerged yesterday..

So the new road actually couldnt withstand the heavy rains..but again more than 10 cms rain is quite rare!

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When the companies bribe the

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When the companies bribe the corporation and connect their rain water outflows to the sewer system, everything overflows and we have chaos. comment guidelines

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