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The adventurous bus stands - K R Puram

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There are a few of these special bus stands these days that exist right before a flyover or an underpass. Just as the road forks and grade separation begins, you find some crowd. Buses usually stops to block traffic heading towards the underpass or flyover. And pedestrians either have to run across flowing traffic, or wait in the middle of traffic to catch buses. Needless to say, you get a lot of 'almost' hit-and-run and screeching halt situations.
Examples? A very crowded one near K R Puram station (like in this pic here). One just before Jayadeva Circle underpass. One or two near Dairy Circle flyover as well. You would know a few more.


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flawed designs

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'oops forgot the public' attitude of bda has led to this.

About KR pruram bridge shown in the foto..the official bus stand for mofussil t'port is at benniganahalli(500 mts before) and in KR puram..a good ~2 kms from the point on the foto..nothing inbetween! The mega quagmire of flyovers at this junction is the most ill desinged and still hardly much has been done to address bus stops!

One immediate relief that can be given to passengers is the magic pedestrain underpass which will allow amongst others the occasional old person with thick lenses or the small 3 kids led by the big sister to cross the road peacefully!


Thats brings us to a bigger question on the designing abilities in BDA..what are the engineers doing? are they equipped at all? and as Syed says, we need to pitch in..but will our opinions be sollicited?

That alone deserves a seperate blog and action arm!

One easy way is for BDA to proivde internship opportunity to students of transport enginnering in Blr itself..

this is an example of existance of such a dept. they could have their projects done at BDA and also have the satisfaction of contributing to something..before they can travel abroad to use their skills..

I had a friend of mine who did this long ago and said theres no market in India and settled in the US!

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KR Puram bridge - the worst possible design

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Probably this is the mostly badly designed bridge in India. You just can find something else that is so flawed. Neither the road over the bridge is laid well, nor does it server the purpose of reducing traffic congestion (the only thing were it helps is it avoids the railway crossing).

The pedestrian traffic is particularly high on the Benganahalli side of the bridge. A pedestrian over bridge is something that is desperately needed here (what happened to BBMP's plans for pedestrian over bridges with elevators??). You will find a large crowd both on the road going over the bridge and also on the service road (leading to Whitefield). I dont see any possible solution for the bus stand on the road over the bridge, but bus bays can be created on the service roads (it is wide). This will reduce the crowd congestion on the road. Buses here dont actually stop by the side of the road - they just stop where ever it is convenient for them!!.

And if you are traveling in this part of the city, you just cant start your day unless you get stuck at the junction below the hanging bridge (in front of the KR-puram railway station). Some times you get to see traffic jams all the way from Benganahalli flyover to this junction - almost 2 KM stretch. Every day i spend 1 hr in the traffic jams gazing at this mammoth concrete junk called KR Puram cable bridge.

Again there are a few simple solutions to this complex traffic problem at the KR Puram Railway station junction.
1. The road can be widened, by moving the railway station barricade a few meters back (see the image below).
2. Ban all parking on the road - because of the railway station there are always autos standing on the road (though there is a separate parking area)
3. A traffic PC has to be posted here at all times to regulate traffic - they usually turn up after there is a jam!!!
4. And guess what you will find street hackers right at the junction selling idlies!!!! I just dont understand how the police can let this thing here.

@blrsri - It was actually not the BDA but the National Highway Autorities and Indian Railways who built this thing.
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K R Puram chaos - why and the fixes

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K R Puram, to me, is perhaps an example of what happens when state/local government (BDA) and central government (NHAI) work together - rather don't work together. If you are driving on OMR coming in to the city, and want to go towards Whitefield on ORR, you got to come all the way under the ORR Benigenahalli lake flyover, take a U turn to join ORR. In the process, you must join the chaos near the bus stand area two times. Adding an off ramp from the bridge on to ORR towards Mahadevapura should clear a lot of chaos here. Imagine changing buses at this location. You have to get down at this bus stand, and then cross this 100+ feet wide road to go to the other side. Its a sad sight to see pedestrians pleading to and sometimes getting chased by the thick vehicular traffic. A pedestrian over bridge, and a designated bus stand a little away from this chaotic grade separator should help a lot. So all in all, above planning errors have resulted in a chaotic junction at a place that could easily have been an infrastructure show case for Bangalore - a good looking cable bridge, a nice grade separator near a lake, and a railway station.
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Many such cases

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This is not the only case where such incidents are being seen, this sight is also common near dommalur flyover and Diary Circle flyover towards NIMHANS and also towards ORACLE buildings... People get dropped off and picked up at the begining of the flyover, causing a huge inconvience to the moving traffic. This is been done not only by BMTC but also our famous ilogical cab drivers. And hapless policeman standing near the flyover looks over, but is not able to do anything ........... Will put some pics of those later..... --Cheers
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Chicken's neck on OMR

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I have been a passive reader of this forum for the past few months. I could not hold myself back when the issue of traffic mismanagement at K R puram found its own thread. I would like to know if any of the members has been privy to the future plans (if any) for the chicken's neck created by Benninganahalli railway bridge on OMR. Thanks.

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God knows!!!

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Some time back, WEPIA - organization of industries in Whitefield region, was actively pursuing to solve this problem and i guess they had recently met the governor also in this regard. There was an article in TOI recently that the National Highway Authorities, under whos jurisdiction this road falls had sanctioned the plan to upgrade this bridge and work was to start soon - but God knows how soon is this soon Sealed. All this when we have the highways minister from Karnataka and that too he represents Kolar (the road under this bridge is part of the Bangalore - Kolar - Chennai national highway - old madras road)

Something also needs to be done about the KR Puram junctionFrown.
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Metro station at ORR/K R Puram, where?

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While we talk about the current chaos at K R Puram, does anyone know the concrete plans about the recent extension to Metro phase I which could extend the line till K R Puram. Where exactly will this station be? I hope they don't add to the chaos that already exists there. Will they make it easy for us to change over from BMTC buses to a Metro train? Will I be able to walk easily to K R Puram station to catch East bound trains?

Whats the best place for Metro station there?

- Perhaps At the point near Big Bazaar, just before OMR touches ORR.

- Bang on top of the OMR where this photo was taken. An elevated station just before the Cable Bridge starts, with pedestrian skyways from both sides of the merged ORR/OMR road to reach the station. That way you can get to bus stands on either sides, though you will have to walk a bit to get to K R Puram station

The location of the station has to be decided with phase II in mind. If the line has to go towards Whitefield, or Brokfields, they will have to stay south of the cable bridge.

What say, am I making sense here?

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Metro to KR Puram ?

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SB - I dont think Metro is going to be extended till KR Puram, although TOI had reported such earlier - dont know from where they had got this !

As per BMRC, they have sought extensions on the N-S corridor only (From Yeswantapur to Hessaghatta Rd Cross, & from RV Rd terminal to ORR along Kanakapura Rd or further).

The CTTP has recommended an extension from Byappanahalli to Beniganahalli-ORR, but not to KR Puram.

So, I doubt if KR Puram will feature even in phase-2 as connectivity for Whitefield is proposed along (old) airport road to Indiranagar stn in phase-2.

Have you heard about this extension anywhere else other than from TOI ?

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Naveen, I meant the extension till ORR, which would bring Metro till this chaotic OMR/ORR interchange we are talking about here. I think TOI may have made the same mistake as I did here. This interchange is Beniganahalli more than K R Puram.
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what could be the reason?

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Strikes..protests..nothing has been able to get the benniganahalli bridge extension work started..

Everyday as I pass through the bridge, on either sides we have politicians blown up images calling for a rasta roko or a protest. best was when Devegowda photo came up where he was smiling big time..this is no exception though all are similing at the sorry plight of the commuters..

The road basically belongs to NHAI kolar sub div, there is a small board mentionin this on OMR just before the DRDO turn..its far from their jurisdiction and as it goes, out of sight is out of mind..the NH folks are not much bothered

BDA did the ORR flyover loops and that might have led to 'let them do it' attitude

The biggest reason I feel is because of the bridge itself..railways I guess upgraded the bridge not too long ago...around the time the hanging bridge was getting they are not ready to do it again!

Lets leave the bridge..why not just get the road fixed below? that the easiest and fastet to get some relief..they asphaleted the highway till RMZ but stopped after that..I reach the jn after every weekend hoping for it to be tarred..but it never is..the pools just get deeper!

One observation on friday was there was some costruction activity started at both near the benniganahalli bridge and under the hanging bridge with earth movers..not sure if this is any sign of work starting on this back!

But jope! 

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benniganahalli new developments..

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As if to point out a total 'dont care' attitude..looks like Railways has gone ahead and approved advertising rights to some company at the benniganahalli bridge..they have put up huge steel pillars and mounts for adevertisements.

This comes as an indication that nothings gonna happen to the bridge for some time to come!

Stuck in a jam..enjoy the ads!

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many things to be done.

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first thing tht needs to done is moving out the parking lot. this needs moved to place where current railway quarters reside. widen the road and mark dedicated lanes for buses,cars and two wheelers and trucks. There should be a traffic signal as this road converges in the front so that all three (buses, trucks and cars+ two wheelers ) can muliplex. and most important is to build magic boxes for pedestrian crossing. I believe this should ease out the traffic to some extent. i dont why the authorities are not seemed to be bothered at all about this strech.
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the need of the hour is adventurism

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after seeing all these posts i come to the conclusion that i ma more than a sports person even at this 57 plus years because i am daily running to catch the bus as i cannot predict where it will stop. the junctions i cross: indian express, jayadeva hospital, ramaurthy nagar bridge,(both the sides is towards bansawadi and also tinfactory) tinfactory,trinity circle daily i face hell of a probelm to catch the bus. narayanan in the name of balaji
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