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BBMP and Road Widening

Most aware citizens say that widening roads to fight traffic congestion is like buying larger clothes to fight obesity. BBMP and some others feel that some arterial roads are choked, and road widening is a must.

Such direct focus on roads, and so little on mobility has been a problem with Bangalore's planners for a decade now. But its only in early 2010, when a large road widening scheme from BBMP threatened to touch thousands of private properties that the debate has hit common citizens of Bengaluru.

Scientifically speaking, city roads needs consistent width - 4 lanes would do just fine - in corridors, better management of stopping and parking along the ribbons of corridors, width for pedestrians to keep them off the tar, and improvement at junctions to manage the flow.

At times, road widening is also discussed in the context of "Signal Free Corridors". But going by BBMP's plans, it is not clear if all road widening work has been planned as part of select few "signal free corridors". Even there, feasibility of creating a dozen signal free corridors inside the city area is itself a heavily debated subject.


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 A wide road to get wider A

 A wide road to get wider

A number of trees on the road will also be cut.


The road is being widened to over 30 metres.


"I do not know why they have to widen this road as it is big enough to accommodate the traffic in this area

The subways on the road too will have to go comment guidelines

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