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Case Study - ORR/KR Puram Chaos

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A book page to group together good threads of analysis/discussion on Outer Ring Road and Old Madras Road merge and de-merge chaos chaos near KR Puram Railway station. An area which could have been a multi modal transportation hub with a station, a major highway entering city center (NH4), and a major road to take people to other corners of the city (ORR) is a chaotic place and exemplifies what ails Bangalore. There are valid as well as not so valid excuses - Railways won't give land, one road is owned by NHAI, another by BDA etc, but bottomline, this place has all the ingredients

  • Ovelapping jurisdictions
  • No clear traffic signs, lane markings
  • No pedestrian amenities, to cross the road, or walk along side them
  • No facilitation for bus/bus or train/bus interchange
  • Temple nearby to complicate matters


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4 major NHs and the chaos where they meet the city

Now that India has managed to get halfway there with decent NHs and assorted expressways, we now need to learn how to manage the points where they meet the city.

a. Yeshwantpur - where NH4 enters Bangalore.  I think some work going on

b. Hebbal where NH7 enters Bangalore.  Has some sort of solution.  Surely can be improved - lots of rubble still left over.

c. NH7 (Hosur) enters Bangalore - Silkboard - not very good.  will grow worse once all the signal free stuff is done.

d. NH4 (OM Road)  - seems like misery

e. SH17 entering Bangalore - I think this can be considered Kengeri - not sure how it is.

f. NH209 - big issues at Banashankari Temple.

seems like a common thread running.  Fast moving traffic from 4-6 lanes entering a crowded city.   No design principles in place.


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