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Save these trees - road widening?

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BBMP/BWSSB are at it again. I am surprised at the ease with which they go about cutting the trees.

This time it is the stretch of road between BDA junction and Cavery Theater junction (New Airport Road). Some one really very creative is at work here - they are finding new innovative ways to cut down trees and this time BWSSB has chipped in to help them.

In this particular case - BWSSB dug deep trenches just next to the trees (they are laying a pipe line). With in days most of the trees tilted dangerously towards the trench. A couple of days latter all these trees were cut down - may be citing treat to life and property. Surprise surprise, a few days latter, the foot paths are decreased and work is on to increase the width of the road - all this natak for a few extra feet of road (for a road which is already wide enough). Most of these tress were atleast 50-60 years old.

BDA Junction

Anyways this thing has not stopped yet. This "Kill Tree" operation is on in full swing. BWSSB has gone ahead and started digging along the entire stretch. It is only a matter of days before the trees on the whole stretch will either be cut off or they will fall on their own.

The next picture shows the extent to which these trees have tilted. All that is needed to complete the "Kill Tree" operation is just a few strong winds.

BDA Junction

Notice the deep trenches and the tilting of the trees in these pictures

BDA Junction BDA Junction

I am not anti-development. BWSSB i am sure had valid reasons to put the pipe line. But what surprises me is, why they choose this side of the road? The other side has relatively (alomost none) less no of trees. Yes the would have had to dig the road at one or two places - was the cost of relaying the roads more than the life of these well grown 20-30 trees. BBMP seams to have messed up their priorities - completely.

The damage is already done. But certainly everything is not lost. Can we force BWSSB to stop this digging? I am hoping with some support structure these trees can still be saved.

I tried calling Mr S Shekar - Deputy Conservator of Forest (BBMP) on 9739042158, with out any luck. There is also a tree officer in BBMP - he can be reached on 22485317. Prajagale, please spare a few minutes and each one of you call this person to force him to do an inspection of this stretch. Also spread the word :) I am hoping against hope to save these trees.

Prajasevaka :)


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Save these trees

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ssheragu Hello I read your article on saving the trees and I am fully with you in the assessment that BWSSB / BBMP, should do development but not at the cost of trees. BWSSB / BBMP should have laid water pipe lines on the side of the road which has no trees; but as in Western Countries, if the water / sewage lines have to be laid on both sides of any road, then it should go in for the route or plan, which involves least felling of trees; However I have s few suggestions to make. 1. the felling of trees is unavoidable, since trees where planted in an unplanned manner, without any consideration for pedestrian paths and roads; at present, we are victims of unplanned planting of trees & carelessness of yesteryears; bu that does not mean that all trees have to be cut 2. for any road widening or development, water pipelines laying etc. BBMP / BWSSB should first identify, the trees by age; if any full grown tree is only 10 or 15 years old, then such trees can be cut and simultaneously, for every tree cut, 10 saplings have to be planted. 3. any tree more than 15 years old, should be treated as an endangered species; 4. any endangered species of trees and any rare type of trees should be identified 5. such endangered species should not be cut; instead all roads should circumvent around such species with proper railings around such endangered species for protection. 6. this way it is possible to strike a balance between development & road felling 7. development of new roads, should involve planned planting of tress, taking into account future road widening and pipe line / cable laying options thanks Srinath Heragu
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smart or dumb?

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It could be that they are digging the trench so close to eventually make the trees fall or tilt, or it could be that they think they can do the road widening work and still save the trees.

I thought Hasiru Usiru/ESG's PIL against road widening had made BBMP halt their widening projects. Would anyone know if this is a violation of any prevailing court order!?

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At what cost?

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Srinath Yes there is always a conflict between development and nature conservation. But shouldnt we try to minimize the damage being done. These trees are the identity of my city. None of these trees were planted in an unplanned manner, it is only that our city has grown in an unplanned way. I am not suggesting a blanket ban on tree cutting - sometimes it is necessary. But what they have done in this stretch could have been completely avoided. Pranav, BBMP can easily get away with this - they can blame BWSSB to have necessitated this - the trees were dangerously leaning to one side after the trenches were dug. If you observe the 1st picture in the post - you will clearly notice the footpaths being brought back to widden the road.
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Wrong side being tackled

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I am surprised the other side of the road occupied by an oddly shaped compound of National Tubercolosis Institute has remained untouched. The pavement and compound juts into the street causing the chicken neck that cauvery jn is famous for. That side has no trees wouldnt it be get land from them and fix that?
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How tragic and pathetic is this. We have seen this happen in every city and there is no evidence that road widening (although here it seems that the water pipe is making way for it) is helpful in long run, if anything, there is ample evidence to show that traffic gets worse - as the phrase goes ' build and they (private vehicles) shall come'. ASJ
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Save these trees

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ssheragu Hai Rithesh If you go thru' my article, you can see that I am in full agreement with you. probably the tree cutting on this road could have been avoided What I am suggesting is, that there should be a planned felling of trees; as I have stated, all endangered species of trees (inclusive of any tree which is more than 15 years old) should be not be touched let alone cut; the roads or pipe lines should circumvent these trees. It is always acceptable to demolish buildings than to demolish trees, for road development or laying pipe lines. BBMP / BWSSB should have a policy based on these guidelines. thanks Srinath Heragu
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mature sapplings

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very good views srinath..have reservations on the point 5 which suggests circumventing around trees..probably we can look at transplanting the trees! Also about sapplings, we need mature ones, atleast 2 yrs old ones where their survival rate is better!
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Save these trees

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ssheragu Hai Rithesh, I am fully with you. Definitely, where transplanting of trees can be done, it should be done positively. Only where transplanting is not possible, circumventing should positively be done around trees. thanks Srinath Heragu
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KR road done..vijayanagar nxt!

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I had a senior manager from mumbai who had commented many years ago about bangalore trees..he always found their flowering a phenomenon.. Was going on chord road today and saw that huge trees were being brought down branch by branch..felt sorry hearing their silent cries..but thats the price for growth!? what can we do?!
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Felling trees

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Widening of roads by felling of trees is going to serve only a limited purpose as the increase in the traffic carrying capacity of the roads will be around 20% at the most. Creation of signal free intersections can increase the traffic carrying capacity by close to 40%. I say this by just observation of some intersections in Bengaluru like Airport road-Inner ring road junction, Hebbal flyover and to an extent even the Diary circle flyover. These intersections do not look too crowded and if they are, it is because of a bottleneck further down the road. The BBMP and it's engineers need to complete some diligence and work towards creating at least Diary circle kind of 3 level flyovers - if not signal free intersections that are more beneficial and immediately stop this mad exercise of felling trees for widening roads that will have very limited benefit.
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What I do not understand

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What I do not understand is why does the metro have to travel on those streets which have trees. For example, Nanda road in Jayanagar is the only one which has beautiful trees on both sides and they metro is going to kill many of them. The could have made the metro travel on Raj Kumar road instead of Chord road and saved a lot more trees. I must confess that travelling around Bangalore is a source of anxiety as I'm worried about what murder of trees I will see next. And I feel really powerless about it.
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Suranjan das road widening..silver oaks cut!

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