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Meeting with Ms. Manjula, Commissioner DULT - A report

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The meetings started at 3:00 PM at the commissioner’s office; at 5th floor gate no 4. 1) Muralidhar Rao, 2) KV Pathy and 3) PS Ananthram were present. Mr. Shailendra Singh from DULT also joined us. The points considered for suitable standards along with status are as given below:-

1.      DULT has brought out a foot path standard. This is being reviewed and will be put on the web shortly, for any comments by public organizations.

2.      Standards are required for

a.      Bus stands / shelters

b.      Road side parking– a) is ready. b) The policy is to do away with free parking. Parking on streets will be costlier as a deterrence measure. Parking at multi story parking lots will be cheaper to discourage the road side parking.

c.       multi level parking– to be encouraged where applicable

3.      Adopting IRC standards for city road surfaces, with any modifications if necessary,This has been agreed to

4.      Prevention of Road flooding with Rain / Sewage Water requires a cross section standard for a road.This was agreed to be a valid point. Lot of discussions took place about closing vs leaving the open the Storm water drains. The entry point of rain water to these storm water drains need to have efficient filters to hold back fine mud particles. The commissioner agreed to this. Shailendra Singh mentioned that Storm water drains may include infiltration pits at intervals if necessary.

5.      Individual Sewage lines for each side of a road must be adopted as a standard. There is no standard specified design for connecting individual house hold sewage lines to the road sewage line at present. This point was appreciated by DULT. Necessary standard for these connections are available and will be included.

6.      Standards for street furniture, like barricades etc. Agreed to as a valid point

7.      The Commissioner was favorable for under ground option whenever possible. Otherwise they should not interfere with minimum design width of foot path for:-

a.      power transformers

b.      Distribution boxes

8.      Necessary Standards for compulsory under ground cabling including service access like.

a.      Power

b.      communication

c.        TV channels            Was agreed to by DULT


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Nice Report, Psaram Sir!

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Thanks for taking time share this report. Really nice to see some good work is being envisioned atleast.


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separate agenda

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I had read in the papers a few weeks back that CiSTUP had been assigned the task of drawing up a revised public transoport policy. In this connection, I had met Prof Sitharam, and as suggested by him, submitted this approach paper, based largely on the discussions on PRAJA. It is to be seen how much of it will get reflected in the revised policy.

My joining Mr Ananthram and Mr Pathy was largely to find out Ms Manjula's thinking on the subject. I was not surprised that it was not too different from those of other bureaucrats that I have broached the subject with (barring of course the exceptions, though, even they too are not willing to express it openly), and for the same cliched reasonings. Whatever, Ms Manjula has offered to go through the paper as well as the debates on PRAJA. Let's see if it can influence any change.

Eventually, of course, I expect the change will happen, but only through a PIL.

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