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Metro - coverage comparision with some cities

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Here is a simple comparison of the coverage various metros in the world provide and where we should be going. It is important to be developing a network that covers more areas and enables last mile connectivity and feeder services to be more effective.

Indian Rly lacks proper sanitation: PAC report

Rodents in coaches, unusable toilets, unclean platforms and trains, no drinking water, poor sanitary conditions and dirty kitchens.

What does it mean to be green

Public Transport

Stockholm and Hamburg became the first cities to be named European Green Capital on Monday, Stockholm was commended for beach improvements, high recycling rates, its congestion charging system, an extensive public transport system and carbon emissions that were half the national average. 

Tidal flow lanes


reversible lane signAlso called reversible lanes. A reversible lane (called a counterflow lane or contraflow lane in transport engineering nomenclature) is a lane in which traffic may travel in either direction, depending on certain conditions.

Parking & traffic congestion


There is an urgent need for a paradigm shift on two counts. Firstly, shift focus from road widening to junction improvement. Secondly, shift focus to create parking infrastructure.

Pravin Sood, additional commissioner of police (traffic & security)

Bengaluru Mono Rail - proposal details

Metro RailPublic Transport

There is a proposal for runing Mono Rail in Bangalore by SCOMI-Geodesic consortium which is proposed to be awarded using the swiss-challenge method. As per initial high level information sent to Praja the consortium is proposing to build monorail along the three corridors.

ABIDe's Bengaluru Governance Act: Basics getting in place?

Urban DevelopmentGovernance

ABIDe ... has stressed on creation of a structure that would become the local planning authority for the city and the metropolitan region. Besides this ABIDe’s focus of citizen centric governance has been further enhanced by the proposal of a comprehensive development and co-ordinated execution of developmental projects. See: ABIDe presents Governance Bill

ABIDe: Transportation plan

Urban DevelopmentPublic Transport

ABIDeIts out now... ABIDe plans on their site Let me know what you all think. I found Bus prioritized higher than other options. Including suggestions of doubling the bus numbers without any mention of route optimization or rail based transportation systems.

Bengaluru Light Rail

Metro Rail

A tram-train is a light-rail public transport system where trams also run on main-line train tracks for greater flexibility and convenience. Most tram-trains are standard gauge, which facilitates sharing track with standard gauge mainline trains. Tram-trains have dual equipment to suit the respective needs of tram and train, such as support for multiple voltages and safety equipment such as train stops.

Metro construction and safety

Really concerned how many more irresponsible accidents are going to happen before this project is completed. I get the feeling this project is being run like a govt housing construction for the EWS.

Healthy Bangaloreans might go extinct by 2020

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 MYSORE: Bangalore will not have any healthy people left in 15 years if the government fails to arrest soaring pollution levels in both urban and rural levels. This grim warning came from Vision Group 2020, a panel comprising of eminent personalities from the state, constituted for making Karnataka a developed state.

Metro shoddy too?

Metro Rail

They have dumbed down the metro stations originally to make it look straight out of a village. Maybe BMRC is also taking us for a ride. (see the two images)

CMH station

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