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Metro shoddy too?

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Metro Rail

They have dumbed down the metro stations originally to make it look straight out of a village. Maybe BMRC is also taking us for a ride. (see the two images)

CMH station


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Metro Took us for ride!!!

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Idontspam!!, thats quite a revealing image...

Metro promised us "world-class" stations by asking Architects like CnT and Zachariah to create "artistic impressions" of thier proposed stations. And it seems that that was just pure publicity! Now we are settling down for some ESI hospital look alike!!!

It seems wered when you compare the old artistic impressions and the 149 crore figure! Seems to little!

Narayan Gopalan
User Interaction Designer
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Can we atleast act on this? Before it takes its toll!

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THanks for shaing this Idontspam. This is total insanity to show us some candy and then give us shredded lettuce. If this is true then its time we should make our point in getting it right as to what happened to the old grand designs of all the metro stations?? 


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practical is good enough!

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Madhu's vision was out of the catapulted BMRCL into news all over the net and got coverage all over India and the world

..stations afterall are places of transit..lets build proper houses in our villages and have good roads leading to them before stopping to admire the aesthetics of a metro station!

BMRCL is already subjected to many RTI' lets hope there will be some transperency in their undertaking, unlike BIA!

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Oh please not the same old

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Oh please not the same old story all over again. Where the hell is the mainstream media on this subject !


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