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BSRP KRDIE, from Sanjeev 1 Sanjeev
Towards more professionalism in governance, from murali772 27 murali772
Right to sack a recalcitrant worker, from murali772 20 murali772
Oh, for a government job!, from murali772 42 murali772
Campaign against so-called 'privatisation' of water, from murali772 21 murali772
Project K-100: re-visioning of Koramangala valley drainage system, from murali772 2 srinidhi
Listing points I'd like to be taken up at Egipura Ward (No148) Committee meet, from murali772 11 murali772
Some unsolicited advice for AAP, Bengaluru, from murali772 54 murali772
Update on Koramangala projects, from murali772 5 murali772
Relevance of KAOA under RERA, from murali772 10 murali772
Commuter Rail meetings with Mr Ananth Kumar, Mr V Madhu - report, from silkboard 31 Sanjeev
Airport Halt station BIAL Devanahalli MoU Signed, from Sanjeev 1 Sanjeev
Opening up of Airport Halt Station at KIAL Devanhalli, from Sanjeev 2 Sanjeev
Emotional intelligence, Chanakya Niti and Road Safey - Webinar, from asj 2 asj
Metro OR Suburban train to KIA?, from srinidhi 1 Naveen
EC/ SEC - symbol of incompetence, incapacity, apathy, lack of accountability, all put together, from murali772 68 murali772
Imperatives of privatisation of power distribution, from murali772 142 murali772
Public assets or perpetual burdens?, from murali772 17 murali772
Capitalism Socialism etc - unload here, from asj 78 murali772
Manifesto points, from murali772 4 murali772
Need is to fast-track the entire judicial system, from murali772 2 murali772
Worrisome aspects of Modi Sarkar's functioning, from murali772 41 murali772
Airport Halt Station KIAL Devanhalli, from Sanjeev 4 Sanjeev
Pedestrian issues, from murali772 2 murali772
An outline for a most equitable public bus transport model, from murali772 1 murali772
Metro, not NimBus (BPS) , needed for ORR, from srinidhi 2 Sanjeev
New Halt stations, from Sanjeev 2 Sanjeev
Bengaluru Suburban Rail Still pending - Open Letter to Bengaluru City MPs!, from kbsyed61 1 Sanjeev
Open letter to BTM layout MLA from BAF-BTM cluster, from murali772 5 murali772
Extortion racket by faking accidents, from murali772 1 murali772

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