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Integrated ticket travel

Metro RailBusPublic Transport

News report from TOI - Commuters can use the services of KSRTC, BMTC and Metro Rail with a single ticket system.

Govt responsible for lost lakes


 Encroachment of tank beds by the Government in t

BMLTA and its effectiveness

Public Transport

In this interview with R Ashok the topic of BMLTA came

Are we a Hobbesian society


We show the pattern of what is called a Hobbesian society: one in which there is low trust between people.

Power struggle

Karnataka Minister for Energy K.S.

Building incapability, encouraging inneficiency

The government’s science-technology schemes don’t work towards outcomes, they are more concerned about disbursement of funds

How are we doing in 2030?

Public Transport

There is growing realization that environment is going to play a big part in the microclimate of fast growing cities. The trend therefore in some well planned cities is to move transport underground.

Tier 2 chinese towns better than b'luru

Chinese cities that are nowhere in the league of Shanghai score better than Bangalore on atleast two fronts — respect for and execution of urban regulations and city orderliness.


Community Bicycle Sharing

Canada is pioneering on the North American continent what Europe has been doing in the following cities for long.

Mixed use misuse

Urban Development

Take for example Kanakapura Road...Now suppose I want to cross the road at Yelachenahalli.

This is the whole crux of urban planning.

Bengaluru Railway stations

The following piece brings back to focus an issue that we have been tolerating for long. Bengaluru’s railway station improvements have never implemented in totality thereby leaving a pathetic piece of infrastructure that passes for railway station.

Disabled friendly

Pedestrian Infrastructure

ATMs should be accessible to disabled

The (RBI) circular instructs banks to fix ramps and other necessary accessibility features in order to be used freely by persons with disability

There goes another parking lot

I guess this is the end of whatever little parking was available for commercial street. I think it was one of the largest street parking in the CBD. Knowing how the area is served by public transport forget about visiting commercial street.

Army bans parking on Kamaraj Road

Road Space and Road Density

TrafficTraffic jams

While we are complaining that we are spending too much on roads, apparently, we dont have enough per this report

Need private passenger trains in India

When we have choice of interstate bus services, interstate and international airlines why dont we have the same choice in trains? IR can coexist with private train services and compete for passengers fair and square. There has to be a neutral regulator deciding on allocations. Choice will then become economic rather than Biharic.

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