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Guangzhou BRT

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The 23-kilometer (14.3-mile) corridor is the first BRT in China that integrates bicycles in its design. According to Karl Fjellstrom, vice-director at ITDP, there are 5,000 bikes and 5,500 parking docks included in the BRT.


Incompetence of BBMP

Urban DevelopmentGovernance

Telling report here on how our city is being monitored, checked & governed. 

Praja in the city influentials list

Praja related

"It is not just a social network for people concerned about these issues, nor does it restrict itself to remaining a platform for intellectual discussions"

State of Pedestrians in Bangalore

InfrastructurePedestrian Infrastructure

Footpaths: This film was made by Samarth Saran, Saumya Tyagi and Bharat Sharma — a team of three people from the Indian Institute of Journalism and New Media, Bangalore who took part in the short-film making competition held at IIM Ahmedabad’s flagship management festival Confluence 2010. Best Social Media Initiative 2010

Praja related wins the Best Social Media Initiative of the year award by eGov Magazine. The award was received by Pranav Jha of at a function organized at the Claridges Hotel, New Delhi on 28th October 2010. A very good encouragement to all those who want to use technology to bring about change for the better

BBMP broke

Urban DevelopmentGovernance

  "Forget mega infrastructure projects, there is no money even for ward-level works,"

IPC Sec 299 offence by BBMP?

 As she neared Krumbigal Road, she swerved to avoid a rotting pile of garbage, skidded and a private bus coming from behind hit her vehicle. When she fell to the road, the bus ran over her. She didn't stand a chance.

Elevated Coastal Expressway - Chennai


 Kicking off topics for our friends in Chennai with this burning issue. An elevated expressway is planned along the coast line. See here for the details. This is causing a lot of heartburn amongst the people who are questioning its utility.

What are they widening?


Where's the widening in roadwidening?

A very good piece of investigation work. Uncovered the incompetence that is BBMP. We need somebody to step in and stop these people from causing any damage to the city. Its like a mental institution on the loose.

Public service delivery in Indian cities

Urban DevelopmentGovernance

 Here is a review of a book on urban spending. It substantiates most of what we have been saying variously on Praja. The review highlights an example of how BBMP is spending 32 times lesser than the norm for streetlights. This translates into lower coverage and bad maintenance.

Guess who is running your city

No its not engineers

Road Lanes - Will it work in India?


 In a good piece called Why is lane discipline so indisciplined here? Praveen Sood Addl CP, Traffic, Bangalore raises the important question of

Bengaluru Green Belt


 Browsing through all the posts under the topic of living->environment, I was surprised to find no material around green belt or plan for urban forests etc. Discovered that the so called green topics on this site, are reflex reactions to posts on the traffic & road widening threads. Thought of digging into this concept of green belt which existed in Ramakrishna Hegde's time.

BMTC - Extending the monopoly

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Quoting myself from an earlier post "I predict the irrelevance of the auto in the transport scheme within the next 5 years." 

Nanos may push autos out of B’lore

Looks like we dont have to wait 5 years for my prediction

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