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UIDAI Introducer challenge


UID Challenge

The UIDAI contemplates certain challenging situations that it might face in the implementation of the project to the public. This is the first in that series. The UIDAI is going to face many challenging situations and we would like to invite solutions from the public for these challenges.

The present challenge is related to the "Introducer System" which has been detailed out in the Demographic Data Standards and verification procedure Committee report in the Committees tab of the website. The problem is stated below. Probable reactions/solutions are solicited from the public to

UID Introducer Problem

Unique ID Authority of India has been mandated to give Unique IDs to the residents of this country. The way a person gets his/her ID will broadly work as follows:

Street topography

Pedestrian InfrastructureEverything else

 Here is a typical 2 lane street residential street, not too dissimilar from the ones we have in Bangalore. Notice the following

1. Pedestrian refuge even on a narrow street

2. Pedestrian crossings & frequency (second one at the top of the turn)

3. Bus stand and visible indicators for the same

Citizen participation in policies

Everything else

(The mayor) told officials and residents of his city that "it's not that complex. We can be doing a lot more of this and in a quicker way if you adopt and embrace this proposal.We are counting on all of you. If we're successful here...if the community all agrees that this works...

Traffic Fines - Revenue Realization


Managed to chart the fine & case data provided last year by the Bangalore Traffic Police to Praja.

Signal Cycle times in Bangalore


Cycle time data for various traffic signals in Bangalore by police station jurisdiction


Click for larger view

Helpless Desk - hospitals

Public HealthEverything elseGovernance

Refer Indian Express story - Helpless Desk

Here is a classic case of good intentions wrongly implemented.

The intention

Ten steps to change Bangalore

Public TransportEverything else

Ten steps to change Bangalore - From Mohandas Pai

ORR/OMR - Extra loop at K R Puram


Here is the plan BDA is going ahead with for this stretch. Anybody know what loop this is? Any idea what the improvement is? 

Rs 15 crore for the construction of additional loop and improvement of junction at K R Puram flyover

ORR bottleneck - Bhadrappa Layout


It is a good move by BDA to make the ORR Bhadrappa layout junction signal free. This junction assumes significance due to the fact that most of Sanjaynagar and RMV layout and gazillion other layouts in between use the Dr Rajagopal road/Gundappa road to reach ORR go towards the airport.

2020 Olympics in Bangalore

 I would suggest we start building an Olympic park near Bangalore so we can bid for 2020 olympics. Of the BRIC countries only we havent won the bid to host an Olympics yet. The economy is booming and we can get some funding/private participation now.

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