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Feb 18 TAC - Traffic Advisory Council meeting


Murali & Myself attended this months meeting. 2 Points emerged.

Business Improvement District

Urban DevelopmentGovernance



A BID is a time-limited, flexible funding mechanism to improve and manage a clearly defined commercial area. As a governance mechanism, BIDs are contractual partnerships for urban realm management through which some rights over the management of a locality are transferred from to the local government to ratepayers.

Smart Cities - Can Bangalore become one?

Urban DevelopmentGovernance

How can Bangalore leverage technology to outsmart corrupt & outdated practices? 

LPG Akrama


Draw you own conclusions on the state of the Banana Republic & make nte of all these people when you vote. 

The ministers, who opposed the ‘cleansing act’ of the department, reportedly told Shobha that she should not be unduely concerned about the ‘bogus connections’ as it was the Centre which was supplying the subsidised cylinders.

The Most Horrific Traffic in the Entire World

TrafficTraffic jams

So how do we fix gridlock? IBM says building more (or wider) roads won't help—not enough space or money. The answer lies in data. Which makes sense, as IBM makes money by processing and selling data. But it does make sense—taking the roads we have already and routing traffic through them more efficiently.

Where is the city headed?

Urban DevelopmentGovernance

Nobody has clue how 2020 or 2030 Bangalore Transportation should be MADE to look. Remember this is different from how it will look if left to go on like now.

Nobody wants to take responsibility for traffic

TrafficTraffic jams

The city's sanction process for malls and similar complexes is at the root of the rapidly worsening problem. Traffic management does not seem to be a concern in BBMP.

Road widening - Futility & Alternatives

TrafficTraffic jams

Road widening - Futility & Alternatives


BBMP listed 217 roads to be widened. This has caused much worry among citizens as it entails widespread destruction of both greenery & property. Why do so many roads need to be widened? What are the characteristics of congestion on this road? What are the traffic patterns on these roads?

We cant Merge!

TrafficTraffic jams

Bangalore has been hit by the merge blues. more than 70% of the so called Jams can be associated to merge, various types of merge. We create a merge out of left & right turns when we should wait for traffc to clear, we even create a merge in a roundabout when we should yeilding. We even create a merge at traffic lights when we should be standing in our lanes waiting for our turn.

RTO - Fountainhead of Traffic woes

Urban DevelopmentGovernance

 five permits were issued in different names against a photo of a single person (by the RTO)

... It is hard to believe that such a thing happens in a city like Bangalore


Bus Stop design

BusPublic Transport

DULT is on the lookout for suggestions on bus stop (shelter) design to suggest to relevant authorities. So please post as comments to this post & suggest what you wuld like to see in a bus stop shelter & also what additional features should a bus stop shelter have that will make it an attractive place.

Decentralized urban poor rehabilition strategy

In the run up to Anna Hazare's fast & IAC's drive to the Jan Lok Pal bill one of the key topics that emerged was the kind of politicians & corporators we end up electing. It can be easily proven that this is not a countryside phenomenon and that the BBMP council also has its share of corporators with criminal history or no intention to address civic issues.

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