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Decongesting roads to Whitefield - Moving cars or People?


In past few weeks there have been lot of news on social media as well as in print /electronic media on attempts to provide that little relief to daily commuters travelling on Whitefield-CBD areas of Bengaluru City. There seems to be 2 distinct attempts and efforts for decongesting roads that leads to Whitefield from City Centers.

BMRC Ph-2 Tracking

Metro Rail

Majority of Construction contracts Tenders were suppose to be published during Q2/ Q3 and Q4  of 2013-14  and  balance works contract tenders to be called during  Q1/ Q2 / Q3 / Q4 of 2014-15

Alos Road widening and Road Streangthening ,  Demolution of properties Tenders were to be called during Q3/Q4  of 2013 -14

Feedback on Public Passenger Transport - Chapter VII


Thissection is an attempt to change public transport by bus.and other vehicles. However, an overarching vision is lacking.  Many new categories are introduced in the place of existing categories, but it is not clear that the existing problems of the sector are fully addressed.

High Level Feedback on Draft Road Transport and Safety Bill 2014


This blog is for some high level feedback on the draft transportation and safety law 2014.  While the tone of this blog will be critical on focus on the improvements, there are certainly many good features in the draft law.  The brief and critical focus is to keep our eyes on the suggested improvements.

Sewage Treatment Plants in BBMP area, where does 800 - 900 MLD of water goes daily in Bangalore ???

800 -  900 LD of water pupmed to Bangalore from Caveri river and transported over 100 Kms along with other water sources of 250 MLD apart from the borewell run with tankers. 

This is apart fro what Bangalore  receives rain all 12 months which no other Big city in India receives.

Balabrooie brew

"There is no proposal to demolish or alter Balabrooie. The discussion to have a legislators' club on the lines of the Constitution Club of India in New Delhi has been going on for 10 years. The government has not taken any decision yet on where to have it,'' Siddaramaiah told STOI.

Namma Railu Information Session at GCE, Ramanagaram!

Commuter Rail

Thanks to Dr. Mohammed Haneef, Principal, Ghousia College of Engineering (GCE), Ramangaram for hosting a information session on 'Namma Railu' project. The info session was organized yesterday , Mon Oct 20, 2014 at GCE's beautiful Conference Hall.

Seeking citizen input to the PIL

Pedestrian Infrastructure

Related to the WP 13731/2013 Requesting citizens to read thru the affiidavit posted in parts below

Pedestrian PIL - How can you participate/help?

Pedestrian Infrastructure

1. Look at the affidavit and find if your road is a part of the list of roads BBMP wants to make walkable.

2. Take pictures of the footpath/sidewalk which are unwalkable/have obstructions. Make sure to put date & time on the pictures.

by Dr. Radut