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The sorry state of Carmelaram Station

Commuter Rail

I want to share a horrible experience I had yesterday at Carmelaram station.  A family member was coming from Kerala on the 12678 Ernakulam-SBC Intercity express.  For me, the best option to pick up a traveler from the point of view of convenience is Carmelaram Station.  The other option is Catonment which is a nightmarish drive into the city and back away.

Bangalore Train Commute..

Commuter Rail

I was when going through Google Maps, just go this idea of using Existing Railway track around Bangalore and run local trains on it. This is very similar to how Chennai or Mumbai operates by making use of the same tracks on which inter city trains run. A small analysis i have done by referring Google Maps by identifying tracks that are already there (Only some stations can be built).

New Suburban Train Halt Stations - In PPP Model?

Commuter Rail

Railway’s inability to respond to emerging realities in meeting the suburban rail services have to be addressed. Bangalore City urgently needs multiple modes of mass transit system to address the demand for better public transport network catering to at least 60-70 % of its 10 Million populations.

Suburban Rail Project Progress of Karnataka Vs Kerala

Commuter Rail

Looking at how progress happening at both states on Suburban Rail Corriodr Project Karnatak and Kerala :


Karnataka :

How cities or our country can realize clean and free from all filth

Citizens actions and good practices need to be replicated accross city Bangalore :

Not so ‘complex’ a problem

At Belandur Lake area : 

Cycle Day event at Indiranagar on 28th Sept

28 Sep 2014 06:45

Take part and enjoy the Sunday morning 28thS ept at your streets of Indiranagar :


Hyderabad METRO : L&T fear after state bifurcated : Hyderabad loose its importance over the period, so METRO will incurr loss

Metro Rail

L&T's letter to Govt for Project Takeover

This can’t be a routine letter. The 8-page letter is provided below with each page an image. I managed to get from a friend in the media.

Renewing Driving Licence at Indiranagar RTO (as on 17/Sep/14)

Private transport

Here is the procedure in detailed steps -


1. Current DL (card or paper or book) in original.
   TIP: take a copy of the DL and keep with you.

2. Form 9 for renewal.

Wiki Entry for CRS in Transport Section of Bangalore

Commuter Rail

The Wiki page on Bangalore has a transport section.  The transport section has details of only BMTC, Autos, Call Taxis and  Metro. It might be a good idea to include information about the DEMUs and MEMUs that run in Bangalore Metropolitan region. The routes, the timings and the stations. which it passes through could be included.

Gas Cylinder Leaks - Rise in frequency?

Family of five injured due to gas leak - News.

To the average consumer, this would simply indicate that the family was negligent as I had been assuming until it happened to me. comment guidelines

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