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17% people walk in Bangalore

InfrastructurePedestrian Infrastructure

Private vehicles in India account for 67.5% of motorised vehicles, carry 37% of the commuters and take up 67% of the road width. Buses account for 24.5% of motorised vehicles on the road and carry around 61% commuters, taking up 38% road width.

ORR choking near KR Puram station - one reason

TrafficTraffic jams

Speaking of KRPuram shouldnt this entire length be only 2 lanes wide? Why are they allowing the use of the entire pancreatic bulge before the chicken neck? There should only be as many lanes as allowable for the entire stretch. So what do the "engineers" in the BBMP think when they lay asphalt? Do they know their profession has a meaning?

Should drains be closed?

Everything else


People in Administration

Everything else

The quality of people in the public sphere is very low. They are from an archiac system which lay emphasis on defensive administration instead of providing leadership in taking the city and country forward. These people are not going away they are only shunted around the govt agencies. The visionaries in administration are very few.

Illegal buses - Bootlegging in Prohibition?

BusPublic Transport

Illegal private bus services on the rise in Bangalore

"We do not have sufficient space to park seized maxi cabs and buses that indulge in such operations."

Lets talk 2050

InfrastructureTrafficPedestrian InfrastructurePublic Transport

So there will be population increase in Bangalore like other cities, two out of three people in this world are going to be in the cities.

Finally, common sense rules


To start with, no arbitrary naming of public places.... The authorised standing committee of the jurisdictional corporation will propose the names and the public can have their say by way

Hyperpopulation and city administration

Everything elseGovernance
Many of the cities that had a population of 5-8 million and were reasonably well-managed until 20 or 30 years ago are struggling to manage populations of 12-15 million (and still rising).

Technology as good as implementation

Private transport

So far, nearly 38,000 smart cards have been issued to the public from all the ten Road Transport Offices (RTOs) in Bangalore .... the card did not have details like hypothecation ...

COMING: Big Circle Buses



(Un)Real Estate

Everything else

All of us who have bought a House/Land/Flat can understand how uncontrolled and scam ridden this sector is. I have also cribbed previously on this forum about the lack of a regulator in this sector.

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