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Can Sheila Dikshit make a success of water supply outsourcing?

Spurred by the success of power distribution privatisation in Delhi (check this), the Sheila Dikshit government is looking seriously at privatisation of water distribution also.

Public Lecture on "Sustainable Transport, Urban Development And Its Impact On Climate Change"

24 Jul 2012 17:00
Public Transport

National Institute of Advanced Studies (Indian Institute of Science Campus), Bangalore invites you to a Public Lecture on SUSTAINABLE TRANSPORT, URBAN DEVELOPMENT AND ITS IMPACT ON CLIMATE CHANGE by Prof. Holger Dalkmann, Director, WRI’s EMBARQ programme, Washington DC

BATPIC network launched

BATPIC (Bangalore Road Widening and Other Urban Transport Projects Impacted Communities Unite) Network launched with the objective of pursuing urban transport projects that are socially just, economically viable, environmentally friendly and long lasting solutions

Summary of the joint statement:

Cyclist officials of Mysore city

The CM's brief tour of the city on Monday affected the top officials' plans to cycle to work. But DC P S Vastrad, who has initiated it, managed to pedal to work even as he managed to adhere to protocol requiring him to tail the CM traveling in his official car.

Now, experiment with electric bike

Private transport

(On lighter note) It seems most of my time is spent in experimenting than being consistent in anything !

Flip-side of nuclear-free power


The Fukushima crisis is eroding years of Japanese efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, as power plants running on oil and natural gas fill the electricity gap left by now-shuttered nuclear reactors. Before last year's crisis, Japan had planned to meet its carbon emissions reduction targets on the assumption that it would rely on nuclear power, a low-emissions source of energy.

Solar Systems Connected to the Grid - Rules?


There have been several reports in the news papers recently about solar PV systems in Karnataka getting connected to the grid and injecting power into the electric grid when they produce more than they need.

Visit to Soil Biotechnology Plant at ACCEPT society

11 Sep 2011 10:00

SBT is a natural wastewater system with significant advantages over conventional approaches to wastewater treatment. More information about SBT at: comment guidelines

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