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April 2010

RTI Club - 2010

Project number:3375
Opened by:silkboard
Opened on:Friday, 30 April 2010 - 6:25pm
Last modified:Sunday, 2 May 2010 - 1:14pm
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Group to provide RTI support to projects and campaigns hosted on

This is an attempt to "assembly line" the RTI filing process (expressed back here). Idea is to do a few things

  1. Provide support to projects and campaigns hosted on Praja in a cause-agnostic way. Projects can create an "RTI request", and the club will help file them.
  2. Provide a relatively easy avenue to those who want to "do things" beyond discussions, but don't have easy outlets for their enthusiasm. An "assembly-lined" RTI filing process will create a few easily-doable roles, some of them may be 100% online as well
  3. File RTIs as a group, which cold be helpful when individuals may be "afraid" to file the applications in individual capacity

The Club will put some measures in place to prevent misuse of the convenience on offer here. Rules will be built as we go, though be sure that RTI requests from projects & campaigns hosted on Praja will be preferred over individual requests without enough context.

RTI Workshop

2 May 2010 10:30
2 May 2010 12:00
Everything else

From Loksatta Karnataka Blog:

Mr Praveen Sood, can we do a Monthly Enforcement Day?


On the lines of Bus Day, where citizen groups and volunteers support BMTC in executing a real on-ground event, will Bengaluru Traffic Police be game to lead us for a "Traffic Enforcement Day"?

In theory, BMTC should treat every day as Bus Day, and traffic police every day as enforcement day. But we know the realities. But then, what could be special in this once a month event? Some possibilities would be:

Public Awareness on Lead Safe Bangalore

Public Health
NRCLPI Co-ordinator <>

Dear Sir,


Every 10th of the month as 'No honking day'


In a unique initiative to curb noise pollution in the city, Mission Peace, an NGO, has decided to observe ‘No Honking Day’ on 10th of every month. This drive against the increasing noise level has been supported by Karnataka police.

The initiative was unveiled by Justice Manjula Chellur, Justice K Sreedhar Rao, retired Justice A M Farooque and former Justice M F Saldahna along with DG & IGP Ajay Kumar Singh.

The mission of starting ‘No Honking Day’ is to create awareness about unnecessary use of horn and the ill-effects of noise caused by the autos. We will also try to convince the government to bring in laws to control noise pollution,’’ said Sunitha De Sousa, president of Mission Peace.

For the full text of the report in the TOI, click here

A most welcome initiative. I am sure it will have the fullest support of PRAJAGALU.

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