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September 2008

Success of Delhi Metro Phase One "But the only way to discourage the use of private vehicles is to provide alternatives—ones that are safe, reliable, fast and easily accessible. That is where a rail-based transit system taps into a metropolis' needs, becoming the lifeline of its economic activities. [...]

'Safe Passage' - Meeting on Oct 2

Pedestrian Infrastructure

[Promoted meeting plans to separate post {blr_editor}]

Srinath Heragu and myself whole heartedly support Benniganahalli junction pedestrian crossing initiative, taken up by CKannan.

How to Improve Efficiency in our system

Hi All, Can we work out a plan like before the Election the party & the people who were in rule has to come infrount of the people and have to share Developments, Construction ,New Project Implementation , New Rule & regulation ,which they have done for the city and to the state in the time span what they had got.

'Rs 3 crore goes down the drain' - Belandur Lake works

In case you didn't read this today:

Rs 3 crore goes down the drain
CAG Unearths Major Irregularities In Bellandur Lake Rejuvenation Project
Vinay Madhav | TNN

Mysore dasara - To prevent a disaster/stampede during festive season

2 months 2 stampedes more than 300 dead, almost 10 times the number of deaths in the recent bomb attacks.

People from Mysore on Praja, can you ensure that the local authorities have done enough to prevent such a ghastly disaster during the mysore dasara event. comment guidelines

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