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Campaign against so-called 'privatisation' of water


In a meeting organised with the Karnataka Urban Development Minister Mr.

HC intervenes to check tree felling


The High Court on Friday directed the State government to file objections in connection with the indiscriminate felling of trees in the City.

TransRetail : Idea for Public Transport

BusPublic Transport

Summary:  The growing metro cities in India are in dire need of better transportation system. There are lot of proposed solutions which talks about more infrastructure ( Metro , Flyovers ) or talks about priority infrastructure for public transport like BRT ( and others).

Love my City Manage my Waste

19 Feb 2011 10:00
20 Feb 2011 18:00

As someone interested in ensuring a better and happier life and environment for yourself and those around you, you might like to participate in "Love my City Manage my Waste" - a 2 day event on Feb 19-20th on Community Composting organised by Daily Dump.

4th Block Koramangala Maestripalaya Lake area is used as dumping ground


Over the last few months, tractors have been coming with demolition debris and dumping it around the banyan tree in the lake area of Masitrepalaya in 4th Block, Koramangala. Not sure it this is with or without permission from the relevant authorities. Have complained to bbmp helpline and also informed the local corporator.

So BBMP, when to demolish the Windsor Manor bridge?


Leave aside cutting down five hundred trees for a moment. Lets get into engineering and traffic planning specifics. What BBMP is trying to do is widen this of stretch Bellary Road. There is some justification, stretch from Mekhari circle to Windsor Manor is a bit narrow to manage four lanes of traffic. The Cauvery junction Magic Box is tight on space.

Now, a parking lot under Military Memorial Park


Green activists are up in arms against BBMP's plan to construct a basement parking bay inside Indira Gandhi Musical Fountain park. Speaking to TOI, Vinay Srinivasa of Hasiru Usiru, an NGO, said that the project was ridiculous.

How to get construction rubble cleared ?


Someone has been dumping construction waste material in the lane next to my house.  This consists of  waste mud, sand, tiles, bricks, concrete blocks etc. This has resulted in people dumping trash nearby the construciton waste. When I contacted BBMP, they did clear up the trash but not the construction waste.

diwali crakers global warming


I am still pondering in the point of no crakers for diwali.

I have lived all these years every diwali enjoying crakers and festive mood with sweets during diwali.

for the past 4 years after reading a lot about global warming , i had decided we should not burst crakers.

digital tree census


A group of students have been working on a street tree census in Bangalore. This team has now completed a count of all the street trees in one particular ward and put up the details online - here.

Worthwhile effort, I should think - may be prajagalu would like to join in.

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