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Rampant tree cutting..


Bangalore loosing its green cover is a constant complaint we all have but most of us have done nothing much about it..however there are some audacious move by agencies who want to keep the 'view' for their expensive billboards unhindered. They go about cutting trees planted on the street in front of the billboards, which tend to block the view if left to grow.

I'll do whatever it takes to protect my child

Public Health

"I'll do whatever it takes to protect my child" is what Chinese mothers are beginning to say after realising the kind of harm pollution (focus here has been largely on air) is causing to their children.

Kere Habba at Madivala Lake; 11th April; 6.30 am and 7 pm

11 Apr 2015 06:30
Urban Development

Kere Habba

10 Jan 2015 06:00
10 Jan 2015 18:00

Namma Railu - Impact on De-Congestion of City Roads and Enviornment

Commuter Rail

Imagine one day you woke up and sat down to have your favorite hot filter coffee while trying read thru the morning newpaper. Later you realized coffee has spilled on your clothes after reading these headlines. A miracle that you can believe to be true.

Idu Public Placu-Nimmappandalla - How do we spend on neighbor's dream - PART 2


I presume you have read part 1.


PS : Meaning of Title . Idu public placu nimmappandalla means,this is public place, not of your dad !

Garbage segregation is very much needed; but the problem goes beyond

Public Health

Sinu and Bhaskar were at the dumping yard in Lakshmipura last week, and happened to capture some pretty horrible images of waste picking. Feeling that it was important to share this with others, they made the short video, accessible through the link below:

Public Protest planned at Mantri site at Agara SUNDAY 23rd MARCH 2014

23 Mar 2014 10:30

Over the months, we have tried to get Government to enforce the rule of law and bring to a halt the illegal constructions opposite Agara lake by Mantri and Salarpuria (check this).

Efforts to get them to act have hit a dead end.

Alarming air quality scene in India


But for the first three weeks of this year, New Delhi’s average daily peak reading of fine particulate matter from Punjabi Bagh, a monitor whose readings are often below those of other city and independent monitors, was 473, more than twice as high as the average of 227 in Beijing.

Malleswaram Parisara

12 Jan 2014 10:00
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