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May 2008

Placement of bus stops

placement of bus stops
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Road Widening Hits Road Block - PIL


Karnataka High Court admits PIL against Road Widening Projects in Bangalore


Issues emergent notices to Respondents

BMTC – Zones and Routes

Metro RailPublic Transport

This is not a solution but an attempt to spark off a debate to create a solution

I have tried to work out a method to organize bus travel within Bangalore. The inspiration for this started from London’s Underground – which is based on the concept of zones and lines. I have illustrated my idea of how Bangalore can be divided. It is a combination of the “Spoke” and the “Zone” concept.

Firstly I have divided Bangalore into Zones. Each zone will have one TTMC. See Fig 1 (Click to see original)

Bus Services Suffer from an Image Problem

A man who, beyond the age of 26, finds himself on a bus can count himself as a failure” – Margaret Thatcher, former British Prime Minister.

Conventional bus services, the world over are generally perceived as slow, infrequent, inconvenient, uncomfortable, and distinctly lacking in status & quality.

What is required for bangalore is a complete change in the way people travel.

Invoking cosmetic changes & marketing conventional bus services are unlikely to make major impacts, other than marginally improve patronization (we have seen this all these years). Bus services, unfortunately carry a long-standing negative stigma regarding poor performance & inadequate customer services, despite BMTC being one of the best performing transport corporations.

My Experience with BMTC to BIAL

On tue May 27, I decided to take BMTC bus from J P Nagar 6th phase to BIAL and here is how it went. comment guidelines

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