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February 2010

Railway Budget Disappointing for Karnataka

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Rail Budget 2010-11 from the outset looks good for Karnataka, its  good job done by Mamtha & K H Muniyappa as Window Dressing for Karnataka. PPP model is no finalised & will require Cabinet approval, so nothing will come in next 1-2 years on this.

City, people, public - mingle on March 4

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Who said the job is done!? Sure, the second Bus Day will not get as much publicity as the first one. "Oh, there they go again". So what!? This is our chance, to surprise people.

An event is one thing, and a tradition another. A monthly event gives everyone the chance to do some progressive experiments and thinking. Everyone as in, BMTC, involved organizations and the individuals who'd spread the word. Yes, just take the Bus, and get the rights to crib about what you didn't like, becuase you would be speaking from experience. And if you like the ride, tell the world that public transport is worth it.

A new DPR for monorail - when?

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Refer to the proceeds of this BMLTA meeting. Go to section 6/7 - there is no mention of Scomi/Geodesic. Why would IDD again prepare the DPR if Geodesic already submitted one? Different alignment?

See meeting notes in full here:

A case study from koramangala on land grabbing

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Dear all,

A posting on a legal win in a land case in Koramangala.It might serve as a boost for others in similar fights and also some indications of methodology, though of course that would change from a case to case basis.
Essentials of the case

Pedestrianization success story

InfrastructurePedestrian Infrastructure

Interesting story about Amman's Master Plan...

They seem to have implemented a pedestrianization project which has transformed the city. If only Bangalore's powers that be had such vision... comment guidelines

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