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December 2009

Exemplary deed @ Kollegal

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Nothing could have made a better Christmas gift from Santa for jumbos! A crucial corridor used by more than a thousand elephants in Kollegal was purchased by the Wildlife Trust of India (WTI) and transferred to the state government on Thursday.

Why Tata still doesn’t get it?

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Ratan Tata had this to say on the Singur debacle: “More often than not, conflicts related to land are promoted by individuals who do not belong to that area, but who have other political motives.” Quite so, but this, interestingly enough, was the exact position taken by British planters to stop Mahatma Gandhi’s first mass movement in India, the anti-indigo cultivation

Gammon and the Metro - is there a safety concern?

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 After the recent bridge collapse in Rajasthan on the E-W corridor involving Gammon, am beginning to wonder about who would conduct a proper audit of the company's practices?  Since Bangalore Metro has offloaded a portion of the work to Gammon, this is particularly worrying for us. There are three major accidents that have been reported in the national press.

Updates from the Railway Minister

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There was an article in The Hindu today citing an announcement by Shri K. H. Muniyappa, MoS Railways- see link here.

The international effluent trade

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 Is it so easy to dump harmful chemicals in our country especially in our city of Bangalore? About 40 Barrels of unknown chemical were dumped at vacant railway yard near the slums of Okalipuram supposedly on Monday night. We seem to be totally unaware and un prepared for such exigencies. comment guidelines

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