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BMTC Infrastructure Development under JnNURM!

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 Interesting information about use of JnNURM funds for the BMTC infrastructure. This information is available on BMTC website.

House Commitee Magic at BIAL!

Happen to visit BIAL site out of curiosity to find anything that might be of interest. The current website still doesn't excite me, which many of have you written about it. But its one menu "Testimonials" attracted my attention.

ABIDE Plans - More buses to the BMTC Fleet?

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If we look at the Bengaluru Plan2020 and news that has appeared in the media suggests that for decongestion on B'lore roads, more buses are required and hence plan to add more buses to the BMTC fleet. Here is the scoop from DH

Cost and Time Overruns in Public Utility Projects.

 The cost and time overruns in projects executed by public sector units in India has direct impact on inflation and increases the cost of the final products both in private sector and public sector. This is the conclusion of Mr. Sebastian Morris of IIM, Ahmadabad, writes in one of his papers published in 1987. It sounds little surprising and unconvincing. This paper by Mr.

ABIDe BluePrint - Secure Bengaluru

I had the opportunity to go through the ABIDE's "Plan Bengaluru202" on "Secure Bengaluru". This document mostly focuses on building the infrastructure for security and response to any terror threats. I am assuming this should apply to tackling natural calamities as well.

Is there an official flag representing Karnataka?

Interesting discussion started with some citizens noticed a Flag in the site banner on ABIDE website. Even myself, till now assumed that this is flag that represents Karnataka. The comment that started this debate is here.

Road Based Public Transport System for De-Congestion

Public Transport

As we have seen, read and heard about ABIDE, BCIC, BMLTA and various government and non-government agency's plans and efforts to decongest Bengaluru's roads. There is one thing common in all their plans - Public Transport to be the lead entity to de-congestion. In that Public transport system, road based public transport system would be a major share holder. There are no 2 opinions on this.

Further Analysis of Narayanan's BMTC Zones & Routes

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Dear Prajagale, sometime back in May, 2008 our friend Narayanan wrote a very thought provoking post with the possible solution to strengthen Bangalore's public transport system. That post received very good response and post-analysis reviews. The discussion was about re-hauling present bus routes that exists in Bangalore.

Which are the Bangalore's congested corridors?

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Dear Prajagale,

 I need your help. I need information on congested corridors of Bangalore for further analysis to decongest them in the context of re-jigging the BMTC routes and schedules. I would like take Narayanan's post BMTC Zones and divisions, further and present a report/presentation on possible solutions with little more on-ground study.

BIAL RTI Update from AAI !

One of our Praja community member had filed couple of RTI's with AAI requesting below listed information:

RTI - A powerful tool for citizens to make use!

Right to information Act 2005, is a testimony to the maturity and resilience of Indian Democracy and its citizens. This indeed has open a new chapter in citizen-government relationships.

BMTC - RTI Efforts

Need to decongest Bangalore's roads. In order to do this, it is essential that BMTC plays its role efficiently and professionally both in terms of operations and management. Efficient public transport is the key to decongest our roads and removing traffic blocks.

Vote for Delhi, Vote for BRTS?

Even the poll pundits have been surprised with the election results of DELHI.

Self reliance in Security and battlefield armory !

We are in the midst of difficult times and circumstances with failing economy on one hand and safety of lives on another. In these trying times, one question that passes my mind is, why is that we are still dependent on other countries for our defense and security needs?

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