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BMTC Infrastructure Development under JnNURM!

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Public Transport

 Interesting information about use of JnNURM funds for the BMTC infrastructure. This information is available on BMTC website.

 BMTC is the first Urban Transport Corporation in India to avail the facilities under Jn nurm for transport infrastructure development. Under this scheme, BMTC has planned for construction of World Class passenger amenities Center in Bangalore in the name of Traffic and Transit Management Centers (TTMCs). These Centers will have 34 type of passenger and Civic amenities for people use. Multi level two wheeler and four wheeler parking facilities, last mail connectivity’s, service providers kiosks and entertainment hubs are the main features of these centers. These centers will be modern entertainment and business centers. BMTC has a plan to construct such centers at 45 places. The outlay for 10 TTMCs under construction is as follows....

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 Looking forward to some exiting review comments.


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we have talked TTMC

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... a lot last year. There are several (4 or 5) under construction right now. The one at Jayanagar 4th block is close to getting done. either myself, Tarle or Murali had posted BMTC's TTMC tenders a few months ago.

I have used the one at Shantinagar TTMC, thats where Metro office is. That TTMC is a nice big building, but definitely not serving the "hub" purpose. Without routing reforms, TTMCs wont serve their pupose. Wnt to refer everryone again to Narayn's old post on zones and routes.

Even in today's Big10 scheme, imagine one TTMC each at the point where Big10 route hits a ring route (CBD HOHO, or more circular/ring routes we might see soon if I have read Prof Mahesh's mind right). TTMCs then become the route changing point, and can grow to be the local shuttle hub as well.

I think the present TTMCs were done as per the locations suggested by the CTTP. If Big10 idea sees some pick up and support, BMTC may end up needing new mini-TTMC like structures.

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Dig into its utility for Passengers and track for JnNURM money!

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 This post was meant to initiate discussion and gather info on the spending under jnNURM and looking for what it provides for Bangalore in terms of amenities for passengers, staff etc. May be time to ask questions to BMTC and get the info on these.

 I will keep BIG-10, HoHo discussions for separate thread, otherwise the main purpose would be defeated here.


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Whitefield, EC & Koramangala TTMCs

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Whitefield, EC & Koramangala TTMCs needed fast. These are the 'high car zones'. Office buses should pickup people from TTMCs or HOHO using Parisaravahinis during peak hours needs to be started.

Later on the inner core TTMCs like the Jayanagar, Shanthinagar, Banashankari needs to be connected with frequent buses. Southern areas for example can have frequent buses to Banashankari / Jayanagar, which in turn will have frequent buses to Whitefield, EC, Koramangala. etc. Western areas can have Vijaynagar as a TTMC.

Once Public Transit Infrastructure is available, then congestion charges should be levied. comment guidelines

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