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Legislators, MPs garner prime sites

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Deccan Herald carried a news report titled "Legislators, MPs garner prime sites".

Interesting to read is about Dr. Hemchand Sagar's name in the report.

Urgently Needed Ped Xing at Old Madras Road

InfrastructurePedestrian Infrastructure

DH reports the ordeal of the govt school children in crossing the Old Madras Road.

".....One injury in a week

Unique Identification Authority of India Website

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Well done UIDAI!

Happened to see a news reports the launch of  "Unique Identification authority of India (UIDAI)" website. Here is the link for the website.

KSRTC website look has changed - Praja Effect?

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Few weeks back, Praja members had worked with KSRTC to suggest the changes to its website. Praja team after a diligent review of the KSRTC site had submitted a detailed technical requirements along with Site layout and architecture. Based on that information, it seems KSRTC has changed its website design and has completely revamp the home page.

KSRTC Website - Need to redefine its Existance?

Praja related


One more request, one more PRAJA initiative.

Project report on 'Intelligent Transport System for KSRTC-Mysore'

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Came across this project report called "Intelligent Transport System for KSRTC-Mysore". It is a very interesting read. I am still going through this document.

BBMP works - Are they really complete in all aspects?

I stumbled on these photo reports from BBMPwebsite  with photos showing the sites before and after BBMP has taken action.

BBMP Charter!

I am in search for an official document that has the charter that is entrusted to BBMP. I did some search on the internet and other forums including BBMP website.

Background on Nandan Nilekani's appointment to head UID project!


The appointment of Infy's Nandan nilekani as the head of India's UID project did not came out of the blue. It seems PM got the wind of NN's own writings that talked about providing Unique ID to all Indian citizens. It is not surprising that UPA government is linking the UID to the better delivery of social programs. We all felt the need for a ID system for our own needs like voting, Driving License, Passports etc, but UPA government has taken the leaf out of NN's own thinking which he wrote in his book "Imagining India: Ideas for the New Century"  and linked it to the governance and social justice. Here is a peek into his writing:

Courtsey - Hindustan Times

BIAL - One year in operations


On May 22, BIAL completed first year of its operation. Major news papers have reported on BIAL's 1st anniversary. Going by these news reports, so far BIAL's performance isa mix bag of both positives and negatives. The silver lining is the operators have shown willingness to work with their customers including Industries & commerce.

BMTC Survey Questions (Draft) for review !


In coming days we would be doing a online survey to get reasons for people using or not using the BMTC bus service, in particular Volvo/BIG-10/KS. Here is the list of questions that forms the survey:

At last realization has dawn on BMTC for rationalization of its routes!

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At last, a better sense and realization has dawned on BMTC to start thinking of rationalizing its routes and aligning it with the Metro network. In any problem-fixing situation, the realization and accepting that there is a problem that exist itself is a half the battle. Now the BMTC needs to fight the other half of the battle of planning and executing the plan for route rationalization.

Volvo Service - Suggestions to BMTC!

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Good to see a positive attitude from BMTC in soliciting feedback and suggestions from public. I commend their new thinking and a positive approach.

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