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Recipe for completing public utility projects successfully!


If one looks at BBMP, BMTC, BDA and the works they underatke each one tells a tale of how not to execute the projects in the right manner. Magic boxes, MMTC's, flyovers without service roads all are examples of our state/city bureacrats professionlism and talent. Looking at these projects one would wonder if at all we as Indians do know how to build things right.

Better facilities for private run buses!

BusPublic Transport

There is no denial that private bus service is being operated in Bengaluru and other places without having its own/leased infrastructure like Terminus or bus stops. As noted in the Imran_haq's ordeal in Kalasipalya, in absence of proper infrastructure, these buses are making use of the public spaces like Roads, gullys, playgrounds even making use of no parking spaces.

Public Consultation Process - Best Practices


With communication becoming part of the life, flow of information and public awareness has tremendously improved all over the world. This scene is no different in India also. With that citizens are increasingly becoming active and demanding their due share of services. Even the political class and the bureaucracy is getting sensitized to these aspirations.

Government, BMTC - Do courts needs to tell you?

BusPublic Transport

"The Karnataka High Court on Monday directed the state government to constitute an expert committee to look into the feasibility of implementing the BMTC feeder bus service.

SWR Plans improvements to Bengaluru City Railway Station

Commuter RailPublic Transport

The Hindu carried a news item on newly renovated UN-RESERVED ticket counters at the city railway station. Along with that it also carried a news about SWR plan to improve the station facilities.

Is Praja ahead of time?


In many instances we have seen that from private to government agencies have lifted ideas from online communities like Praja, and ideas/discussions have been borrowed or inspired from. Don't agree?

Spit and Pee in Public - Civic Sense of Bengaluru!

"Spit and pee in public, flyovers are more important". Yes, this is the title of the interesting article published in "Citizen Matters" by Vaishnavi Vittal.

Centralized data in RTO - Filing RTI with Transport Commissioner


I am getting ready to file some RTI's with transport department to find out the state of centralization motor vehicle data and use of same by RTOs. The Transport department's website ( mentions about computerization of  records.

Blind, but still reaching out to his countrymen via UIDAI!


Read Mr.Iqbal's story of courage, inspiration and sacrifice.

How well somebody has said " "The person who really wants to do something finds a way; the other person finds an excuse."

Tale of CWG website - 112 Crore spent?


We all boast of being keepers and makers of world's back office solutions and IT systems. The list includes designing the Boeing's dream-liner to Bosch's washer-dryer. Recently concluded Soccer world cup's IT systems were supposed to have been supported by Mahindra Satyam team. Compare to this when we step down on our local website's, are left with disappointments and nothing else.

BBMP systematically encouraged illegal buildings

Urban DevelopmentGovernance

Source - Cititen Matters:

Bonded labour in the IT Capital of India?


What a contrast? Where we all are going gaga over how India has progressed since 1990's economic liberlization. Yes indeed we have moved on and made progress. But still there is large chunk of population that is still to get its due opportunity of decent life.

National Rural Health Statistics!

Public Health

Union Ministry of Health and Family Welfare website has lot of statistics and data on National RuralHealth Mission. Very interesting to find that at thispoint of time, in our beloved country Primary Health Centers are run without water and power supply.

Couresy - Indian Helath Ministry


Health Indicators of Karnataka State

Public Health


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