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Which are the Bangalore's congested corridors?

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Public Transport

Dear Prajagale,

 I need your help. I need information on congested corridors of Bangalore for further analysis to decongest them in the context of re-jigging the BMTC routes and schedules. I would like take Narayanan's post BMTC Zones and divisions, further and present a report/presentation on possible solutions with little more on-ground study.

 What is needed is?

  1. Name/Location of the congested stretch
  2. What generates this congestion?
  3. # of Bus Stops, Ped Xings in the vicinity?
  4. Nearest National/State Highway, ORR/NICE stretch
  5. Locality Specifics - Residential, Commercial, Industrial, Offices etc.

 Since I am currently based in US, I am 10 years behind to know the situation on ground. I do hope that Praja members who are based in B'lore would be able to provide this information.


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Business regions and residential areas

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What exactly do you mean by congested corridors - little confusing?

Shouldnt you be segregating the city based on business and residential regions and then work towards the solution.

Following is a list of high density the business regions (i might have missed out a few)-
1.Whitefield/Mahadevpura region
2.Electronic City
3.Central business district (regions around MG Road and Vidhana Soudha - very huge area)
4.Banergatta Road
6.Yelahanka (you can club it with Dobaballapur region also - which has a high concentration of industries)
8.Kormangala region
9.Old Madras Road (KR-Puram region)
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Gyan on Congested corridors ?

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Wouldn't we be better off doing this as a Gyan book (or page) so anyone can add/edit contents?



Swastik Circle

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Swastik Circle / Seshadripuram is a major block during peak hours. There are too many buses and too little space for commuters to stand in the bus stop (if at all there is one). 
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High Density Stretches....

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Ritesh, Mcadambi and others

 Thanks for your contributions. What I mean by congested corridors is nothing but High density stretches. The one you have listed have been high density areas even in 80s and 90s also. Unfortunately, lately barring few, I don't think there is any area which is purely residential or purely commercial or industrial. Everywhere it is mixed traffic.

Can I request for more info on each of these stretches?

  1. Where does this congestion starts and where does it tapers off?
  2. Type of traffic like Factory bound, offices bound or residential mixed etc?
  3. Also which are the corridors where the IT companies are located which generates considerable traffic?

Transmogrifier, Very good suggestion, once I have good inputs I will convert this into a Gyan page/book

 Looking forward for more inputs.




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Pick from masterplan and CTTP

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All the info should be there in two documents

  1. RITES CTTP or CTTS 2007. Most of CTTP is here on praja (search cttp), main report on kuidfc website
  2. bda's Masterplan: Areas and zones are listed with maps. Look for mutation corridors to know the upcoming congested areas

Bottomline, cttp has stats, masterplan gives an idea of congestion split across the city. What we may not have is traffic volumes by each corridor (not sure, tarle, naveen may know where to get this data from). transmog, no worries on gyan, we have ways to convert or merge informative or serously analytical posts to gyan!

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congested corridors

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ssheragu one such congested corridor (with a lot of traffic jams) is the road along Old Madras Road from beyond the hanging bridge up to and beyond Peenya (about 30 Kms). my plan has been (1) first to identify this corridor and other corridors or roads like these (2) mark them exclusively on google map (3) plan judiciously only the required number or sufficient number of underpasses (for vehicles and pedestrians) (at every 3 Kms or 5 Kms ) and flyovers (at every 15 Kms) at major junctions all along this corridor for 30 Kms or more (4) make sure that BBMP or BDA constructs these number of underapsse and flyovers (5) simulatneously widen this corridor with three lanes on either side (6) provide pedestrian paths on either side for the entire length and plant trees at suitable locations on the farthest edge for providing shade for pedesrians (7) MAKE THIS CORRIDOR A COMPLETELY CEMENTED CORRIDOR (8) MAKE THIS CORRIDOR SIGNAL FREE FOR THE ENTIRE LENGTH OF 30 Kms OR MORE (9) IMPLEMENT THIS IDEA FOR OTHER CONGESTED CORRIDORS SO THAT THESE WILL ACT AS THE ATERIES OF BANGALORE AND REDUCE TRAFFIC JAMS many thanks Srinath Heragu
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Lets Start with KR Puram to Peenya Stretch !

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 Good suggestion. Lets start with the stretch you have pointed out. Focus is on to use the Public transport system for reaching KR Puram to Peenya.

From KR Puram:

  1. What are the best possible routes that leads to PEENYA?
  2. Length of each of these routes?
  3. Public Transport Connectivity? Direct/Change? Total Time? Frequency?
  4. 24 Hr traffic pattern?
  5. Bottlenecks and their characteristics?
  6. Which of the low hanging fruits can mitigate the travel?



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Better lane width- a low hanging fruit

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One low hanging fruit is better intersection design and consistent lane marking. We've all seen posts about these by ASJ and TS here. Also as Dr. ASJ  has pointed out before, our lanes are often much too wide (



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congetsed corridors

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ssheragu my focus is on making this road signal free for citizens so that there is no wastage of time in commuting from one end to anotrher end To start with we can plan to construct flyovers and underpasses Starting from the hanging bridge, in my opinion, on this road flyovers can erected on Old Madras Road at (1) junction of Suranjan Das road and Old MadrasRoad (2) junction of 100 ft road with Old Madras road (3) at Ulsoor lake (4) Ulsoor circle (5) near Marriage Hall (6) near Cantonment Railway Station (7) AIR tower (8) making Mekhri Circle (signal free) (9) Yeshwanthpur fly over to ne adapted (10) near CMTI (11) Dasrahalli Circle I will try to send a sketch so that it is more clear many thnaks Srinath Heragu comment guidelines

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