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City of Shame - No hospital beds, ventilator for poisoned kids

Public Health

Have you heard!, Bangalore doesn't have ventilators for poisoned children. This is the news in Deccan Herald. It is not enough that a stone hearted mother decided to poison her 2 children and herself, hospitals, government and private could not provide the needed timely help. All had one thing to say. No ventilators in Namma Bengaluru . Another feather of SHAME in its crown.

Cleanliness at market place - Why are we so indifferent?

Public Health

Cleanliness - That seems like an alien word outside our houses. Anything outisde of the four walls of our homes, seems no man's land and no body is responsible for anything.

Cops make Banaswadi ROB commute hassle Free!

TrafficTraffic jams

Thanks to the Bengaluru Traffic Police cops head constable V Lokesh, sub-inspector L Sreekantaiah and assistant sub-inspector H Nanjudaiah,

NHAI begins work on expressway to BIA

Source - Deccan Herald

Deccan Herald carried a news report that NHAI is awarding the BAI expressway to Navyug Constructions.

Incompetent BBMP?

Urban DevelopmentGovernance

It is time to ask some tough questions on BBMPs competencies to maintain the Bengaluru City's civic infrastructure. Looking at various mishaps and neglect by BBMP becomes very apparent that BBMP does not have the technical and administrative competencies to create and maintain the civic infrastructure.

Corruption and Technologies in BMTC - List of Questions

BusPublic Transport

Extending the discussion on Pilferage by BMTC Conductors/Official and taking SBs suggestion for coming up with the list of questions for possible direct answers from BMTC or filing RTI with BMTC.

In any case, as a civil city and residents of Bengaluru, it is our duty to hold the powers responsible for all that good and bad happens in public institutions and corporations.

BMTC needs to be held responsible and answers should be demanded for all the relevant issues and questions.

Let us collate all the questions here. Pls feel free to list the questions via comments under two categories.

  1. Pilferage via in-bus corruption
  2. State of technology use in BMTC

REQUEST - Pls do not start discussions on Private vs Public. You may do so by starting a separate post on it.


550 wealthy biggies owe 2.5 lakh crores in income taxes!


TOI carried a report on biggest IT defaulters saying 550 top defaulters who owe more than 25 crores.

..Till March 31, the total arrears were Rs 2.30 lakh crore and with the start of the new fiscal, another Rs 20,000 crore has been added to this figure. Last year, the department had managed to recover nearly Rs 12,000 crore. The target for this year has been fixed at Rs 14,000 crore...

Is it case of less of enforcement and more of corruption?

BMTC invites tender for Hebbal TTMC under PPP!

BusPublic Transport

Happened to notice a tender notification on BMTC website for the construction of TTMC at Hebbal.

The Tender document states the site overview to be "..The project site is located in the northern part of the city at Hebbal, measuring about 7.95 acres. The site is situated at the intersection of the National Highway 7 (Bellary Road) and the Outer Ring Road. The intersection along with the Hebbal flyover is an important landmark in the city and is strategically located in terms of connectivity to the new airport at Devanahalli and to different parts of the city.

As per the Bangalore Master Plan 2015, the  site land use is classified as Traffic & Transport  (T&T) category. Currently out of 7.95 acres, about 4.27 acres of the bus depot is operated by BMTC. Depot comprises of maintenance workshop, washing area, fuelling station, stores and administration building. At present, the depot is a base for about 210 buses which includes about 90 Volvo buses..."

IPL Matches at Night - Who cares for ENERGY conservation?

Me At IPL Match
This photo's source is TravelPod page:

Thanks to current IPL controversies, now many questions are being raised including ethical, moral and social aspects. In all of these, I am trying to ask myself a question, even though I am also a cricket lover as millions others. The question I am asking myself is should the sports be played in night which compels to use flood lights?

Given the IPL context in which most of the matches are played at night, It is no secret that these matches need lighting arrangements consuming hundreds of kilowatts of power.

This in turn has many issues that we all need to look into. First issue is a social question. Should the matches be played at Night? When the cities are struggling with power shortages, is it right for sports managements to conduct matches at night which make use of large amount of energy resources?

Census 2011 - Our Census, Our Future

Everything else

Here is an interesting media report on Census 2011. It gives a sneak preview of what is being done in census. It seems an important exercize before India embarks on UAID project implementation.

Courtsey -

"...What is census? How is it useful?

War Memorial OK - But not in my backyard, says Infosys HR Head

It seems the steam for opposition to War memorial is picking up. Apart from Justice Saldhana, now the ABIde member themselves are crying hoarse. But the circumstances seems to suggest something contrary to their public statements. It looked like, War memorial is OK, but not in my backyard.

Courtsey - Sights, Sound and Smell from Bangalore

"..The National Military Memorial was an idea originally mooted by the Agenda for Bangalore Infrastructure and Development Task Force (ABIde) headed by Rajeev Chandrashekar. But its own members are now coming out in protest against the proposed venue.
Mohan Das Pai, one of its key members who resides close to the park, said the idea of a war memorial for our heroes is indeed a fine one because their stories have to be told. “But the venue is certainly not acceptable to me.” ..."

For more read here

What will make Bus Day a better success?

BusPublic Transport

We all are looking for answer to one question. How can BMTC make the Bus Day a better success? The success being large numbers taking the bus on Bus day? Praja survey and poll has already given the answers to this question. One important factor that is eluding the Bus Day is, TRUST from citizens of Namma Bengaluru.

Proposed BMLTA Act feedback is due Feb 10th

BusPublic Transport

BMLTA is slated to become the sole responsible authority for land based transport in Bengaluru via the proposed BMLTA Act.

For more read Deccan Herald news item

Kodigehalli Level Crossing - Politics First, citizens later


Strange are our public representatives and more strange are their political ways. In every act of their's is motivated first by their politics, party and their personal interests.

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