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Traffic Fines - Revenue Realization

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Managed to chart the fine & case data provided last year by the Bangalore Traffic Police to Praja.

The number of cases seem to have gone down.  Not sure if the case is made every time a ticket/challan is issued or if someone is dragged to court. The latter could explain the drop in the number of cases & fine amount. Hopefully it is not lesser enforcement.

Total fines collected from MV Act, KP Act & Towing shows a decline too

What was interesting was when I intrapolated the revenue realization per case.


Stood at Rs. 146.7 on 2008 against a low of Rs. 101.7 in 2002. This despite cases being booked going down. Does this mean better prosecution rates? Definitely shows fine amounts are very low.


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 1. Why are cases and fines showing a downward trend? Does this indicate lower violations or slackness in enforcement?

2. What is the reason for upward trend in per case fine realization? Increasing fines or lesser pilferage?

We should invite someone from the commissioners office to explain.

Transparency unlimited!

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Two wheelers

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What I have noticed lately is that two wheelers run red lights as if they dont exist. Its actually pretty dangerous when they do so but they seem to be doing so with abandon.

I have found that cops hang around beyond where the lights are and catch a few but mainly for the lack of helmet violation - which, in my opinion is anti-Darwinian.  Let natural selection take its  course.  What is more dangerous is when they run red lights putting other drivers at risk.

It also seems to me that people are not aware that they are suppose to go left around circles. There is a small circle near my house on 10A main in Malleswaram which has been getting increased usage thanks to the fact that 11th Main is blocked. This morning this ambassador was coming right as I was going left. I honked. He stopped, waited for me to pass and then continued going - even though it was easy for him to go around.

The basic problem is that once someone commits a violation and gets away with it, other people feel justified in doing so. The police need to have zero tolerance towards violators, otherwise there is no hope. This adjust maadi - next time maadbeyda attitude no longer works.


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