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The great Indian sellout

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 Jairam for major shift at climate talks

India seems to have begun to shuffle its feet in the climate change negotiations. Environment minister Jairam Ramesh, in a confidential letter to the PM, has suggested that India junk the Kyoto Protocol, delink itself from G77 -- the 131-member bloc of developing nations -- and take on greenhouse gas emission reduction commitments under a new deal without any counter guarantee of finances and technology.
Why the sudden change of mind? Is the US bribing India?
The minister has justified the proposed shift of gears by repeating his argument that India need not be seen as a deal-breaker and should try to curb emissions in its own interest. He has also pointed to the advantages -- a permanent seat on the Security Council, for instance -- that it can hope to reap with a changed stance
Whats with the secrecy and public posturing? Why sell out with no benefits?
When approached for his comments, the union minister responded on phone, "I am surprised that a privileged communication between me and the Prime Minister has found its way into the public domain. I am shocked. And whatever I had to say I have said to the PM." He refused to speak further. 
What else are we committing to?
In fact, another proposal backed by US demands that India instead contribute money to climate change actions for the rest of the world. The EU does not go that far, but has said that India should reduce its emissions substantially below `business as usual' at mostly its own cost.


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Are we fools?

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Or is Jairam Ramesh and Manmohan Singh just spineless to stand up for our rights? Even today the layperson in the US cares a hoot to reduce carbon emissions. Conservatives in the US dont even believe there is such a thing as global warming. They have made very little attempts to make any reductions and now putting pressure growing countries to keep them in poverty so they can enjoy the fruits of gas guzzling automobiles. 

And look at us, living a life like subsaharan Africa even in metros like Bangalore, yet sell the country for a security council seat? What good is a security council seat if you have Naxals fighting you to get out of poverty? 

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I Agree

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Dear IDS,

I am in total agreement with your views. There is absolutely no need for us to kow-tow to the U.S.

I only hope all deals India Government strikes with America is not so all inclusive that the U.S. is able to twist our arm in all and every issue.

For a long time I have been suspecting the two M + C combination at the helm of affairs in our country deciding all crucial policies are actually on some kind of a pay roll of the World Bank as coincidentally both the Ms have been ex-employees of the WB! It may not be true, but the uncanny way in which ultimately the U.S. does have its way with whatever they want smacks of some sinister agenda the Indian decision makers seem to have. Putting on a clean image is part of the entire Shakesperean act!

Just my frustrated two penny bit!


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